41 Fable Writing Prompts

Fables are a way for us to hear an interesting story and to learn a lesson in the process.

Often involving personifications of animals, a fable is a way for us to look at something from a different angle than we had thought before.

This idea of taking a closer look, or learning an important lesson, is a jumping-off point for these prompts that should help writers learn a little about themselves.

How To Use These Prompts

By letting students choose a favorite fable from childhood or picking a fable and focusing the prompts on one story, you could assign different prompts and see what different ways writers depict the lessons from the same fable.

Or assigning randomly or by drawing numbers is also a great way to keep things interesting.

The Prompts

  1. Why do you think the main characters in fables are usually animals?
  2. What is the point of a fable and why does it help people?
  3. Describe your favorite fable and explain why that one is your favorite.
  4. Rewrite a favorite fable.
  5. Why are fables an important tool for everyone?
  6. Why do you think fables were first told?
  7. Can you write an alternate ending to a fable?
  8. Explain why you do or don’t like a fable.
  9. Why is the moral at the end of the fable so important?
  10. Write a modern-day fable to teach a good lesson.
  11. Write a fable about telling lies.
  12. Write a fable with an unexpected ending.
  13. Write an explanation of a fable and how it shows the moral.
  14. Write an acrostic poem using the term “Fable”.
  15. Do you think fables are still successful in teaching people right from wrong?
  16. How would thou update a fable to become more modern?
  17. Why would someone need to hear something and why would you use a fable to do it?
  18. Can you describe a time when a fable helped you to stay out of getting in trouble?
  19. Does the moral at the end of a fable always make sense? Why or why not?
  20. When you have kids, do you think you will use fables to teach them things?
  21. Rework a fable to make it about something you struggle with occasionally.
  22. Why do you think particular animals are used frequently in different fables?
  23. Is there a fable that you find pointless? Why?
  24. Do you believe the world is better because of fables?
  25. Fables often describe unfortunate happenings involving friends. Explain why you think that is.
  26. Write about the best villain in a fable that you can come up with.
  27. Pick your favorite activity to write a fable about.
  28. What animal in a fable would you be and why?
  29. Are fables something that can be used instead of experienced? Why or why not?
  30. What makes a great fable something that we always remember?
  31. How would you create a fable about bullying? 
  32. Why do you think that fables are always so short?
  33. Do fables always make sense to you? Why or why not?
  34. Why do you think that fables have been around so long?
  35. Write a fable about something you haven’t heard in a fable before.
  36. Write a fable about a problem that you see around you constantly.
  37. What animals would you use in your own fable and why?
  38. Use a personal experience and write a fable about the things that you learned from this experience. Don’t forget to include the way in which this experience changed something for you.
  39. Write about your favorite fable as if you had to describe it to someone who had no clue what a fable is.
  40. What is a moral from a fable that you apply every day?
  41. Can a fable teach something that no longer applies to the way the world works? Why could a fable like this be confusing or misleading to someone hunting for morals to live by?

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