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Empatico – Collaborate with classrooms around the world

Very often in life, whether as an adult or a child, I believe it is a human connection with someone which leads to a deeper understanding in a particular area or world view.

Something which can limit this of course is that we often spend the majority of our lives surrounded by people very similar to ourselves – usually people living in our immediate vicinity – often sharing the same native language, similar way of life, and so on. I’m sure you’re familiar with this concept.

An example of this is a child growing up in an affluent suburb in an English speaking first-world country, who has many opportunities in education and lifestyle, but might not have any direct connection with children in a very different location and circumstance.

The good news is that using free technology it is now more possible than ever before to put your students in direct contact with a class of students in a far away country, and watch their understanding and curiosity about the wider world grow in leaps and bounds!

I’ve had direct experience of this, and it is wonderful to see the engagement and enthusiasm from the kids, who just can’t wait to speak with their new found friends in another country – exclaiming as they learn about the wild animals that live nearby, and the everyday things which seem so very foreign and interesting.

Today I interview Christina from Empatico about who they are, and what makes them tick!
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Interactive Stories

I’m sure you would have seen that in the classroom there are few things more captivating for children than a story full of adventure (and ideally, animals)!

Going beyond the written word, I’ve found that there are many fantastic engaging uses for online interactive stories – especially stories which are full of great characters and sounds to draw in even the least enthusiastic readers.

Today I’m going to show you some of my go-to interactive stories for my primary school students, and how I love to make the most of them…

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Bring Global Learning into your Classroom with ePals

You and I both know that getting our students engaged in what we are teaching is the most important thing we can do.

Without engagement, the kids just don’t learn.

When it comes to technology and students, we are competing with a massive number of distractions… YouTube, Social Media, and a never ending fountain of information and entertainment.

One of the most powerful methods for engaging students I have found is bringing that technology into the classroom in a meaningful way.

Today I’m going to take you through an amazing Global Learning and Communication tool called ePals, and show you how it can be used every week to build excitement around learning about the world and it’s people…

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14 Inspirational Teaching TED Talk Videos

TED talks have become something of a phenomena over recent years, bringing together interesting speakers to talk on a wide variety of interesting and thought provoking topics.

We’ve put together 14 inspirational teaching TED talk videos, from some wonderful teachers around the World.

I’m sure you’ll find them energizing and full of ideas for teaching techniques that you can bring into your classroom, to help capture your students attention and enthusiasm! Let’s take a look…
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