43 Dragon Story Ideas

Dragons are powerful, mysterious creatures that have been a part of folklore and fantasy for centuries. They’re often used as symbols of strength and courage, and can inspire some truly amazing stories.

If you’re looking for a way to jumpstart your writing, why not try some dragon-themed writing prompts?

Here are 43 creative and fun prompts to get you started on your writing journey…

The Dragon Prompts:

  1. Write about an exiled dragon living in the forest.
  2. Write about a dragon who is afraid of heights.
  3. Tell a story about a dragon protecting a magical relic.
  4. Design a unique type of dragon breath weapon.
  5. What would happen if a dragon was cursed never to fly?
  6. Write about a dragon saving a kingdom from an evil sorcerer.
  7. Tell a story about a dragon battling an ancient evil.
  8. Invent a dragon species that is completely different than any existing variety.
  9. Write a story about a dragon whose lineage belongs to an ancient race of dragon riders.
  10. What would happen if someone captured a dragon and used it for their own selfish purposes?
  11. What if dragons could breathe fire that only lit up when there was an injustice?
  12. Write about a dragon fighting an evil entity from a different world.
  13. Tell a story about a dragon and its human partner on an epic quest.
  14. Write a short story about a dragon and its rider investigating a supernatural mystery.
  15. A baby dragon is found frozen in a glacier. What happens next?
  16. Write a story about a dragon who is mistaken for a god and worshipped by a primitive tribe.
  17. A dragon is used as a weapon of war by a powerful mage.
  18. Write about a dragon who is cursed to spend eternity as a statue.
  19. Write a story about a dragon who discovers a mythical weapon that could bring balance to the world.
  20. Tell a story about a dragon who is hired to protect a village from an ancient evil.
  21. Write about a dragon that struggles to accept its new identity after a magical transformation.
  22. Tell the magical story of a dragon queen who discovers she is the last of her kind.
  23. Write about a dragon who needs braces and the brave orthodontist who treats him.
  24. Write about the journey of a young dragon who must choose between two rival clans.
  25. Write a story about a dragon slayer who finds himself pitted against a mysterious and powerful dragon.
  26. Imagine a dragon-themed world in which humans are the outsiders.
  27. Write the adventure of a dragonling who finds a magical amulet that grants him incredible powers.
  28. Write about a quest for an ancient dragon artifact capable of both good and evil.
  29. Tell a story about the rise of a powerful dragon king who threatens to destroy the realm.
  30. Write a story about an adventurous dragon who discovers a lost city.
  31. Write a story about a dragon who accidentally erases memories of its own existence.
  32. Introduce a human protagonist who must fight against a dragon ruler.
  33. Write a story in which the dragon is the hero.
  34. Create a society that is based entirely around dragons.
  35. What would an ordinary day look like in a world where dragons walked the streets?
  36. What if a dragon was raised by a family of humans and had to hide its true identity?
  37. What if dragons became the main mode of transportation?
  38. Write a story about a wizard whose dragon appears to be an illusion.
  39. Write about a dragon that lives in a nearby mountain range, and tell a story of when it interacts with an unsuspecting tourist.
  40. Write a story about a baby dragon that was adopted by a family of humans.
  41. Tell a story about a quest to find a lost dragon egg.
  42. Write about a dragon hunter who must face off against an ancient dragon.
  43. Write a story about a dragon who struggles with loneliness while living in a remote mountain cave.

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