45 Creative Writing Prompts About Color Blindness

Writing about color blindness can be a powerful way to express the unique experience of living without the ability to see color.

Whether you’re writing a story, journal entry, or poem, these 45 creative writing prompts about color blindness will help you explore the experience of living without color.

From writing about the struggles of color blindness to the joys of seeing the world in shades of gray, these prompts will help you capture the complexity of living with color blindness.

So grab your pen and paper and get ready to explore the world of color blindness through creative writing.

Using This Guide

This list of prompts can be used in the classroom, as a creative writing exercise, or as a way to explore individuals who might be living with different experiences from themselves.

Most of these prompts can be completed by any writer, but the last few are geared toward writers who live with color blindness. Use these to exercise your writing skills and gain a different perspective on the world around you.

Writing Prompts

  1. Write a story from the perspective of a color-blind person.
  2. Create a character who is color-blind and explores the world around them.
  3. Write about what you think the experience of being color-blind would be.
  4. Write about the challenges color-blind people face in the workplace.
  5. Create a world where color blindness is the norm.
  6. Describe the most vivid color to a color-blind person. Try to use as many of your other senses as possible.
  7. Write a story about an artist who is color-blind, but the world does not know.
  8. Describe a world where everyone is color-blind.
  9. Write a poem about the beauty of seeing the world in black and white.
  10. Write a narrative from the point of view of someone born with color blindness who suddenly sees color.
  11. Imagine a world where color does not exist.
  12. Imagine a world where color blindness is seen as a superpower.
  13. Write a fantasy story about two people with color blindness.
  14. Write about the emotions experienced by a color-blind person trying to choose their wardrobe.
  15. Write a poem exploring the concept of color blindness in a metaphorical way.
  16. Imagine what it would be like to experience a world without color.
  17. Create a character who is colorblind and write a story about the obstacles they have to overcome.
  18. Write a creative piece about a color-blind house designer.
  19. How does one cope with being color blind?
  20. What happens to a person who is born color-blind?
  21. Explain the difference between color blindness and color deficiency.
  22. How does being color-blind affect a person’s life?
  23. How does color blindness change how a person experiences the world?
  24. What are the various types of color blindness and their effects?
  25. Are people who are color blind able to experience color?
  26. What medical treatments are available for people with color blindness?
  27. What legal rights do people with color blindness have?
  28. How can color blindness create challenges in school and work?
  29. What are the social implications of color blindness?
  30. How do people with color blindness cope with the world around them?
  31. How does color blindness affect relationships?
  32. How does technology help people with color blindness?
  33. How does color blindness impact fashion and design choices?
  34. Write a poem about the emotions a color-blind person can feel when looking at a painting.
  35. Write about a scientist who is on a mission to discover a cure for color blindness.
  36. How do parents help their children living with color blindness?
  37. How do you cope with being colorblind?
  38. What unique strategies do you use to identify colors?
  39. What reactions do you get when people find out you’re colorblind?
  40. How is your experience of colorblindness different from that of others?
  41. What creative solutions can you use to remember different colors?
  42. What emotions do you feel when you realize you can’t experience certain colors?
  43. Describe in vivid detail a moment when you realized you were color blind.

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