43 OC Drawing Prompts

Drawing characters that already exist can be an engaging way to practice capturing actions and expressions.

But if you’ve got an original character who you enjoy drawing, it can be fun to imagine how they would look or react in certain situations.

Below, you’ll find a list of OC drawing prompts to help give you a little push if you’ve hit artist’s block or simply want to put your character into new situations.

Using This Guide

As with art, these prompts can be interpreted in whatever way the artist sees fit. Try to imagine your OC in different situations, and consider stepping out of your comfort zone to give yourself an extra challenge.

Here are some fun ways you can use this prompt list:

  • Use a random number generator to pick which drawing prompt you’ll use next.
  • Choose prompts that put your OC into situations that are far out of their norm.
  • Challenge yourself to use one or two prompts a night to practice your character drawing.

The Prompts

  1. Draw an OC with the same hairstyle as your favorite actor or actress.
  2. What does your OC look like when they’ve been let down by a friend?
  3. What does your OC look like when they’re afraid?
  4. What would your OC look like if they were in the Marvel universe?
  5. Draw your OC dancing in the rain.
  6. What does your OC look like while they’re taking an important test?
  7. Draw your OC wearing your dream outfit.
  8. Draw your OC surrounded by their favorite foods.
  9. What does your OC look like when they’re marching in a protest?
  10. Draw an OC having a meet-cute with your favorite book character.
  11. Draw your OC running heroically into battle.
  12. Draw your OC bundled up and ready to go snowboarding.
  13. Draw your OC walking through the halls of your high school.
  14. What does your OC look like when it snows for the first time in the season?
  15. Draw your OC standing in line at the DMV.
  16. What is your OC’s dream job? Draw them in their role.
  17. Draw your OC taking a nap in a strange or unusual place.
  18. Draw your OC as a child, teenager, and adult.
  19. Draw your OC facing their greatest fear.
  20. What would your OC look like on a roller coaster? Draw a couple of reactions.
  21. Draw your OC playing a sport that they would probably be really bad at.
  22. Draw your OC wearing the costume they would choose if they took up LARPing.
  23. How would your OC react to meeting their favorite celebrity? Draw them together.
  24. What would your OC look like if they were part of the Star Wars universe?
  25. Give your OC a hobby that you’ve tried and given up on.
  26. Draw your OC all dressed up for a fancy holiday party.
  27. What would your human OC look like as an animal?
  28. Draw your OC spending the afternoon at a farmer’s market.
  29. Draw your LGBTQ+ OC showing pride in their identity.
  30. What kind of car would your OC drive? Draw them standing next to it.
  31. Draw your OC and their best friend in a series of Polaroids during a night out.
  32. Does your OC dress up for Halloween? Draw them in their costume.
  33. Draw a series of portraits of your OC showing different emotions.
  34. What would your OC do if they performed in a talent show? Draw them up on stage.
  35. Draw your OC trying to make a difficult decision.
  36. What would your OC look like if they were in the Harry Potter universe?
  37. Draw your OC sipping tea and reading a book in a cozy window seat.
  38. Will your OC go to college? Draw them showing school spirit.
  39. Does your OC have any tattoos? Draw them, and label them with a few words to describe the inspiration behind them.
  40. Draw your human OC as any mythical creature.
  41. What would your OC look like if they were in the Pixar universe?
  42. What would your OC do that would get them grounded as a teenager? Draw them getting caught in the act.
  43. Draw your OC in the style of Tim Burton.

Looking For More Drawing Prompts?

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