33 Opinion Writing Prompts for 3rd Grade

An opinion is your personal way of feeling. It is not based on facts, but rooted in your own personal knowledge and beliefs. Your opinion can be shaped by your life experiences and those around you.

Opinions can change and evolve over time, or they can stay the same.

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37 Writing Prompts for Teens

American movies and TV love to romanticize being a teenager, as the most important years of your life that you’ll never forget.

Certainly, these are important years, but for most people, these are also a very brief period of time in a person’s life, which many teenagers struggle to understand.

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31 Writing Prompts about Spring

Spring is, for many, a time of year when flowers bloom, birds start chirping again, and winter storms clear out to make way for fairer weather.

There is something exciting and rejuvenating about the springtime.

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35 Writing Prompts about Respect

Respect is an important value to have and to experience. It means to consider other people and their feelings.

It means you care about the other person and what they believe in, the values they hold, and them as a human being. It means you will treat yourself and others kindly and without judgment.

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41 Writing Prompts about Fall

Students love to look outside, watching the leaves change colors and fall to the ground during Autumn, instead of focusing on their schoolwork.

But, how much do students know and think about the season itself?

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44 Back to School Writing Prompts

When the first bell of the school year rings, there is always going to be a mix of emotions from students.

Some will miss Summer, while others are excited to learn and see their friends.

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30 Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

Thinking about another slice of pie and what you’re going to watch on TV, whether it’s football, the parade, or Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, makes it easy for everyone to forget what Thanksgiving is supposed to be about and why it’s such an important holiday to celebrate for Americans.

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37 Harry Potter Writing Prompts

Many of the original kids who read Harry Potter, staying up for the midnight release of books and movies, have grown up now. They’re adults now, ready to pass on their love and passion to the next generation.

With something as timeless as Harry Potter, this will be easy for them.

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Best Notepads for Teachers

To pick the best teachers notepad for you (or as a gift for your teacher), choose what feature is most important:

  1. Compact notepad
  2. Giant notepad for easel or stand.
  3. Planner notepad.
  4. Personalized notepad.

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33 Writing Prompts about Regret

We all regret things in our lives. While regret is not a great feeling, it is an important one.

You may experience regret because of a mistake you made, or from not following through on something that you wish you did.

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