Best Notepads for Teachers

To pick the best teachers notepad for you (or as a gift for your teacher), choose what feature is most important:

  1. Compact notepad
  2. Giant notepad for easel or stand.
  3. Planner notepad.
  4. Personalized notepad.

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33 Writing Prompts about Regret

We all regret things in our lives. While regret is not a great feeling, it is an important one.

You may experience regret because of a mistake you made, or from not following through on something that you wish you did.

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31 Memorial Day Writing Prompts

Memorial Day is a nationally recognized day of remembrance to honor those that have died while serving in the military.

The day is to recognize their service and sacrifice and is an important part of American history.

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30 September Writing Prompts

Students tend to come into the classroom with a wide range of attitudes.

Some have smiles on their faces, eager to learn and see their friends. Others look out the window, wishing that the summer would have never come to an end.

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30 Writing Prompts about November

Feeling the air turn crisp and cold, watching the leaves fall down, seeing family, and taking in all the smells of great food being made makes November one of the months when it’s easiest to feel comfortable.

It’s also an incredibly important month in terms of what we celebrate and how we celebrate.

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33 Writing Prompts about Luck

Plenty of students hold onto a lucky object. Maybe it’s a rabbit’s foot that they carry (ew!), or a special pair of socks to wear on test day. Either way, they know the panic that happens if they forget their lucky object!

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33 Writing Prompts about Lying

People, even school aged children, can tell when they’re being lied to.

So, when it’s something small, like a student telling another that they aren’t having a birthday party, even though they are and that student isn’t invited, feelings are still going to be hurt.

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