43 Perseverance Writing Prompts

Teaching young students about the importance of perseverance early in their education gives them the mindset that they need to continue working hard to achieve their goals.

For some students, this trait comes easily. For others, it takes some untangling of self-esteem issues and a little bit of hard work.

Below, you’ll find a list of writing prompts about perseverance to help your students understand the importance of getting back up when they fall.

Using This Guide

This specific guide doesn’t necessarily have to fit within a certain section of your curriculum. You can teach the importance of perseverance throughout the entire school year, and encourage students to use these prompts to reflect on what they’ve learned.

Here are a few ways to use this list in your classroom:

  • Keep the list handy for students who seem to be struggling and just want to give up.
  • Add some of these prompts to a list of self-reflection prompts for student journaling.
  • Assign one or two of these prompts a month to keep students engaged in a conversation about trying your hardest.

The Writing Prompts

  1. What is the definition of “perseverance”?
  2. Tell about a time when you failed at something but kept trying anyway.
  3. Write about a fictional character who motivates you when you feel like giving up.
  4. Write about someone from your life who motivates you when you feel like giving up.
  5. Write about a person in history who persevered and accomplished great things.
  6. Write a poem about perseverance using the following words: try, strength, pride, prove
  7. Think of one area of your life you want to improve. How will you persevere to achieve this goal?
  8. What is something you would do if you knew you couldn’t fail?
  9. Talk about an area in your life where you find it easy to persevere.
  10. Talk about an area in your life where you find it difficult to persevere.
  11. Are perseverance and self-esteem related? How?
  12. How do sports and perseverance go hand-in-hand?
  13. Is perseverance a choice? Why or why not?
  14. Why is it important to believe in yourself?
  15. Think of something difficult that you want to accomplish. What is holding you back from trying?
  16. Is it more important to persevere for yourself or for the benefit of other people? Explain.
  17. Have you ever given up completely on something? Do you think you could have accomplished it if you tried again?
  18. How are basic tasks like tying shoes, writing your name, and riding a bike related to perseverance?
  19. Create a mantra or a saying that you can use to encourage yourself to keep trying when you’re in a difficult situation.
  20. Describe three examples of perseverance in nature.
  21. How are effort and perseverance related?
  22. How are strength and perseverance related?
  23. How are motivation and perseverance related?
  24. How are resilience and perseverance related?
  25. Why is perseverance an important skill for students?
  26. Write an acrostic poem using the word “EFFORT”.
  27. What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you think this job will take perseverance?
  28. Write about an example of perseverance shown by a character in your favorite video game.
  29. Write about an example of perseverance shown by a character in your favorite TV show or movie.
  30. Write about an example of perseverance shown by a character in your favorite book or series.
  31. Write an inspirational story about perseverance.
  32. What is one thing you’ve learned by persevering?
  33. Choose a prompt about perseverance, and explain what it means to you.
  34. Why is it important to set goals for yourself, and work hard to achieve them?
  35. Write about a time when you did something that you thought you couldn’t do.
  36. Write a poem about perseverance using the following words: dream, achieve, go, dedication
  37. Write a letter to someone encouraging them not to give up on something they find difficult.
  38. Why is it important for inventors and creators to keep trying even when they don’t want to?
  39. How can hard work and perseverance change the world? Give examples.
  40. Write a letter to someone who is struggling, and encourage them to keep trying.
  41. Write a story about someone who wants to learn something new and must keep trying.
  42. Write an acrostic poem using the word “TRY”.
  43. Give an example of a children’s book that teaches the importance of perseverance.

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