15 Writing Prompts about being Brave

Staring at a blank page can be daunting. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old school notepad or a shiny computer screen.

The simple act of capturing that first word, sentence, and paragraph can take an amazing amount of fortitude and courage. 

Being brave doesn’t mean making a fist, it is about having the moral courage to stand up for what is right, what is just. Bravery means having the mental toughness to persevere, to go forward, to face the unknown.

How To Use Prompts To Jumpstart Your Writing

Below is a list of writing prompts to get your creative brain churning.

These prompts are meant to give you a kernel of an idea and start your first sentence. The first act of bravery is writing the first word of your story. 

Choose a starter and add your thoughts. Let the words flow, the flow will take you far in your writing journey. Forget about punctuation, spelling, and grammar — just write — get it down.

Then, when you have a jumble of thoughts written out, go back, edit, rewrite, and edit again. Your story will shine through, and you will take your reader on an exciting journey.

Start Writing About Being Brave

  1. What will happen if I don’t… We find ourselves in difficult situations where moral conviction meets at a crossroad with following the crowd. 
  2. Can I look myself in the mirror if I… If I take this action, how will I feel tomorrow when I look into my own eyes.
  3. The first time I said I’m sorry… Apologizing for your actions takes courage, it makes you vulnerable. We know it is the right thing to do, but it is still hard.
  4. A simple act of kindness led to… Sometimes something as simple as holding the door for someone can be an act of bravery.
  5. She took a stand against… So many options: bullying, racism, injustice, equality, the list is endless.
  6. I changed my mind… Stubbornness and stoicism can lock us into a box, breaking free takes courage. 
  7. He followed his heart… This one can take you to an adventure that defies logic.
  8. I followed my head… Sometimes it takes more courage to not follow your every whim.
  9. Courage is when… Defined as having moral and mental fortitude.
  10. He was afraid, but… Facing doubt and conquering fear requires amazing courage.
  11. I have a plan to… Bravery doesn’t need to be spontaneous, attacking a problem step-by-step gives you conviction and confidence.
  12. It takes bravery to… Fill in the blank here — speak your mind, stand up for someone, do the right thing, etc.
  13. My biggest fear is… Define your fear, facing it takes courage, the journey is the story.
  14. It is hard to imagine a life without… your family, home, friends, love, etc. 
  15. She took one, tiny step… imperfect action and a hero’s desire to reach their goal makes the perfect story.

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