10 Writing Prompts about National Parks

I’m so thankful that my parents instilled in me a love of the outdoors and nature from a young age, as we have been doing with our own child since she was a baby.

As we move through our earliest years, we gain more of an understanding about all the different animals, and ecosystems, and how they are impacted by humanity.

The importance of National Parks in keeping pristine environments intact, or helping rebuild damaged ecosystems and allowing endangered species to once more flourish is not lost on me as a result – and I’m certainly not alone in this.

So, writers young and old, let’s draw on our love of the great outdoors, and all the amazing creatures and landscapes found in our National Parks, and inspire some wonderful writing in the process.

Let’s get started…

How you might use these:

Try writing about a series of these prompts one after the other, and turn it into an in-depth report on what National Parks mean to you, and to the World.

Or, try journaling on one of these topics each day – allowing yourself to really explore what National Parks mean to you in a quiet moment each morning or evening.

Alternatively you might just get a topic to write about at random – it will help you develop stronger writing ability.

The prompts:

  1. Why are National Parks important?
  2. Write about your best experience in a National Park. What made it so memorable?
  3. Do you think people who have had amazing experiences out in nature thanks to National Parks will be more or less likely to think about how their actions impact the environment throughout their life? Why?
  4. Do you believe that hiking in a National Park with the rugged surroundings and potentially large predators such as bears and mountain lions in the area helps us respect nature? Why?
  5. Would you be concerned if it was announced that all National Parks were being opened up to mining companies to clear the forests and dig huge mines into the mountain sides and valleys? Why?
  6. What extra challenges do you think National Parks in very poor countries face, that wouldn’t be the case so much in the USA?
  7. How careful do you think people managing National Parks should be about allowing different access types into our Parks? For example, some people are concerned that mountain bikes damage trails and could negatively impact the flora and fauna more than walking, while others believe that we should encourage more people to explore our National Parks by many different human-powered methods. What do you think?
  8. Do you think over time that we should keep adding pieces of land to our National Parks, or would you be okay with pieces of land being removed from our National Park protection over the years? Why?
  9. If a big oil reserve is discovered in the middle of a National Park, do you think it should be allowed to be cleared and oil wells and pipelines built to extract those fossil fuels? Why?
  10. What is an adventure you’d love to have one day in a National Park? Describe it in vivid detail.

Not enough for you?

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