14 Writing Prompts about Childhood

Whether we are still in the midst of our childhood, or just thinking back to it, there is no denying that this phase of our lives helps shape our view of who we are, and what our place in the world is.

We learn not only how to interact with others, but also cause and effect, and countless other lessons along the way – some enjoyable, some painful – but all part of life’s rich tapestry.

I’ve found that having our own child has prompted me to look back at my own childhood and wonder how I would have reacted in different situations, would I have been like our toddler, or very different? What about in the years following?

So however old you are, let’s take a moment and consider what childhood is, how it helps form our view of the world and it’s possibilities, and inspire some thoughtful writing.

Let’s get into it…

How to use these:

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to journaling or creative writing for that matter, but if you’d like some suggestions on how you might use these writing prompts to put pen to paper, or get those keys clacking on your next written piece, here are a few options:

Why not pick a random number, and write a page on the corresponding prompt?

Or, try writing a short story using your memories of childhood experiences prompted by one of the topics.

Alternatively you might like to combine two prompts, selected at random – try weaving them together into a detailed journal entry.

You could use these in a number of ways to inspire your writing – just start now!

The prompts:

  1. How much of a role does your childhood play in the rest of your life? Why?
  2. What is one part of childhood that you think can help set you up to succeed in your life to achieve your dreams? Why?
  3. How might being encouraged to have a curious mind during childhood help us as adults?
  4. Do you think that childhood is easy or difficult compared to adult life, or a mix of the two? Why?
  5. What is one of your best childhood experiences that you think you’ll remember for the rest of your life? Why is that?
  6. What would you change about your childhood if you could click your fingers and change that one thing? Why?
  7. Often our childhood is largely directed by our parents or teachers, but how much do our own actions and attitude impact our experience of these years? Why?
  8. Does seeing what some other young people do bringing attention to help save endangered animals, or becoming famous youtubers for example help you realize that you can do big things too? Why?
  9. What to you would be your perfect childhood? Why?
  10. Do you know much about the childhood of your parents or grandparents? How did their childhoods differ from your own?
  11. How do you think childhood will be different for kids in 100 years time? Explain.
  12. Does eating a wide range of foods during your childhood help your eating habits and health as an adult? Why?
  13. What do you think are the best five things about childhood? Why?
  14. What parts of childhood do you believe can help you understand that you can create the life of your dreams if you have a plan and work hard at it?

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I hope you’ve found these useful and inspiring, and that you’ve enjoyed a great writing session as a result.

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Matt & Hayley