11 Writing Prompts about Dreams

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had some pretty imaginative and weird dreams over my lifetime.

Naturally dreams can get pretty creative, so let’s see how they might inspire some creative thinking, and writing!

If anything can help get the neurons firing and have us wondering what the answers are to questions which we don’t normally ask, the topic of dreams can.

So without further ado, it’s into our writing about dreams and dreaming…

How to use these:

Pick one at random, and write 500 words on it right now!

Try picking a random number each day for a week, and write about the corresponding prompt each day in your journal.

Sit down with the entire list, and write a concise response to each prompt.

Or maybe you have a way that to use these in your own writing, or students writing that feels like a better fit – go for it!

The Prompts:

  1. Why do you think we dream when we sleep?
  2. Do you often recall what your dreams were about when you wake? What could help with remembering our dreams?
  3. Do you think dreams can help us in any way? How?
  4. Do your pets ever dream? What do you think they might dream about?
  5. Have you ever come up with a creative solution to a problem using an idea you had in a dream?
  6. What foods or activities result in you having the strangest dreams?
  7. Why do you think sometimes when you try and describe a very vivid amazing dream to someone, it can just sound weird and not that meaningful?
  8. Does dreaming help you get a good night’s sleep? Why?
  9. Have you ever played a sport or had an adventure, and then dreamed about it that night?
  10. Is it possible to dream in the style of a videogame, like minecraft for example?
  11. Lucid dreaming is a rare situation where someone realizes they are dreaming and takes control over what is happening in their dream. Describe what that might be like.

Found these helpful? Lots of you do!

That is just awesome, and we’re so happy we’re helping thousands of you in our positive and thriving community.

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Matt & Hayley