11 Writing Prompts about Pets

Whether it’s a faithful pup, or a cute little kitty, our pets can become basically like family members.

And it’s especially true for children, so if you’re needing to get your students interested in what is going on, the topic of pets is likely to get their attention!

So let’s see how pets can inspire copious amount of writing, out of even the most reluctant writer.

We’ve going to use real examples from our own lives, and also harness our imaginations to conjure up the most fantastic pets that we can think of. We’ll also tackle some more difficult topics around opinions of right and wrong, and ethical dilemmas.

So without further ado, let’s dive in…

How to use these:

You can use the prompts in a multitude of ways!

Why not try picking one at random, and writing a page on it right this minute.

Or, give half your students one prompt, and half another prompt, and see what comes out of it when they share with the class.

You could use one specific prompt as a discussion point, and once the different points of view are flying, have them go and write in depth on the topic from their perspective.

The prompts:

  1. Write about the first pet you ever had. What was the best thing about them?
  2. Imagine having the most incredible pet ever. What is it, and what makes it incredible?
  3. Cats and dogs don’t normally like each other. Why is it that when you get a puppy and a kitten at the same time that they often go on to be cat and dog friends for each other?
  4. Would you like to have a pet snake? Why?
  5. What do you think looking after a pet for years teaches you?
  6. Would you prefer to get your next pet from a pet store or an animal shelter? Why?
  7. Do you think that people should keep birds caged as pets? Why?
  8. It’s very rare, but some people take their cat for a walk on a leash. What other unusual pet stories can you share?
  9. Do you think rare exotic animals such as tigers should be able to be kept as pets? Why?
  10. Why is it that a pet can start to feel like one of your beloved family members over time?
  11. Do you think if you had 100 cats or 100 dogs as pets that you could look after them well? Would you want that many pets? Why?

Need more?

I hope you found these useful for your own writing, or that of your class!

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Matt & Hayley