10 Writing Prompts about the Moon

The moon appeared from behind the eerie clouds blanketing the night sky, its glow illuminating the quiet landscape.

Humans the world over feel a connection to the moon, as through the millennia we’ve looked up at it, so it should come as no surprise that it has inspired a thousand stories, poems, novels, and films.

Today we’ll take a whole range of approaches to writing about the moon – from thinking about space travel to get to it from Earth, to imagining how it is perceived by wild animals.

Let’s get started…

How you might like to use these:

Try picking two or even three prompts, and combining them into a cohesive story, full of twists and intrigue.

Choose a prompt at total random, either with a random number or printing and cutting them out into slips to be plucked out of the proverbial hat.

Or you could try writing about 3 different prompts, one after the other – aiming to be as dramatically different in each writing style as possible in the process.

Maybe you want to write in a way that you’ve never tried before, after reading one of these. I say go for it.

The writing prompts:

  1. It takes a few days for astronauts to travel to the moon. Imagine you are in the spacecraft, and describe your thoughts and activity over those days.
  2. Several other planets in our solar system have their own moons, and in some cases many moons for a single planet! Write about what it is like as an observer on another planet seeing this.
  3. The moons surface is covered in craters from so many asteroid impacts. Write about travelling towards the moon and seeing a huge asteroid striking the moon.
  4. Write a story from the perspective of a wolf with their pack, and focusing on how they react to seeing the full moon one night.
  5. The moon can sometimes on rare occasions block the sun from earth during the day, and this is called an eclipse. Write about how confusing that can be for people who don’t know to expect it.
  6. A base being built on the moon is quite likely within the next 10 years. Would you choose to go? Write about it.
  7. What is something you think should be taken to the moon, and why?
  8. Gravity on the moon is only 1/6 of what it is on Earth. This means you could jump much higher than usual among other things. What would you do?
  9. Imagine one day the moon is suddenly found to be missing. What happens next?
  10. How do you think early humans thought about the moon when they looked up at it with no understanding of what it was?

Want some more free prompts?

Well help yourself 🙂 That’s why we wrote them, so that our awesome community can be inspired, to write about any of a thousand different topics.

Got a suggestion for what you’d like to see next? Get in touch!

Until next time, happy writing – and check back soon for all the new things published each day.

Matt & Hayley