9 Writing Prompts about Rain

The rain was heavier now, drumming on the roof, as darkness crept across the room. The embers of the fire were a dull glow as the rain drops pelted against the glass of the window.

I bet I’m not the only one who enjoys a good rain storm… when I’m inside and dry that is.

It’s one of those innate reactions to a primal force perhaps, that we’ve been dealing with for as long as humans have existed.

So what better a force to inspire a creative story, or help us think about how a force of nature impacts us in a whole range of different ways.

I’ve written a collection of prompts all about the rain, to share with you today, and if you haven’t tried them already you should also check out our winter writing prompts too. Enjoy!

How to use these prompts:

Read through the list until one immediately triggers a thought or emotion in response – grab that one and run with it! Write as much as you can on the topic without stopping to correct punctuation or anything else!

Take a prompt at random, and write 300 words on it. Swap with a buddy who has written their own 300 words on a different prompt, and complete each others piece of writing with an additional 300 words. Something different to try.

Pick a random number – that’s your prompt from the list. Write a page on the topic.

You may well have other different ways of using the prompts to inspire discussion and/or writing – and that is ok!

9 Writing Prompts about Rain:

  1. Heavy rain is often said to help people sleep. Why do you think this is? Have you experienced this?
  2. If you didn’t have running water in your home, think about how you could collect rain water, and make sure it was safe to drink.
  3. Think back to a time when you were warm, cosy and dry while the rain poured down outside. Describe it in as much detail as you can.
  4. While often people like to complain about rainy weather, it can be extremely important to get regular rainfall. When do you think rain is most welcome?
  5. Imagine you’re an animal in a desert, and have been waiting many months for a single drop of rain. What is it like when you see dark clouds rolling in finally, and the rain starts pouring down?
  6. If you got lost in the forest while out hiking, how would you build a shelter to keep dry as the rain started?
  7. What is the best thing about rain, and why?
  8. Think of how your pets have reacted to rain, and write about it using as much detail as you can.
  9. Have you ever been swimming in the rain? Write about your experience, or what you imagine it would be like.

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