8 Writing Prompts about Siblings

Whether you have just one brother or sister, or a whole bunch of them, it certainly adds a whole other dynamic to your life growing up, and beyond.

Maybe they’re the adventurous one, getting you out of your comfort zone and helping you get out and experience life – or maybe a role model for you helping you understand how might view the world.

However siblings interact with us, everyone has plenty of strong responses to prompts on this topic one way or another!

So, let’s use this to help inspire some writing, offering a whole range of angles from the deep questions, to the quick take.

Let’s get underway…

How you might like to use these:

You might like to pick one random prompt and write two pages on the topic.

Or, try writing all you can on a specific prompt within a set amount of time.

Alternatively you might want to take two prompts and write a detailed response to each in quick succession.

You may have a totally different preferred method, and that is perfectly fine! Inspiration to think and to write is what it is all about.

The Prompts:

  1. What are some things which an older brother or sister can help teach their younger sibling?
  2. How might having a younger brother or sister help an older sibling learn about the world or themselves?
  3. Siblings will often have a strong instinct to protect one another if they think they’re in danger. Write about a situation you’ve experienced or seen.
  4. Some twins and other very close siblings create their own language to communicate which no one else understands. Explain how and why that might come about.
  5. Having brothers or sisters can be great, but can also get annoying at times. Write about the best and worst things about having siblings.
  6. Write about one of your best memories involving a sibling, maybe a family holiday for example. If you don’t have any siblings, write about what you wish they could have been involved in.
  7. Some families have many children. How many siblings is too many in your opinion as one of the kids? And why?
  8. Would you like more brothers and sisters or less? Why?

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