12 Writing Prompts about Dinosaurs

The roar of the mighty tyrannosaurus rex, as it stomps through a wild primeval world.

The topic of dinosaurs has long captured the imaginations of young writers around the world, and today we’re sharing 12 prompts that should have no trouble getting the creative process underway.

We’ve included some which aim to start some thoughtful writing about the history of Earth, and others which are more suited to letting the imagination run wild in a short story or other fiction.

However you use them, we hope you find them helpful and inspiring!

Let’s get into it…

How to use the prompts:

You could try picking a specific prompt for each day of the week, for yourself or your students to write about – you’ll always have something new, while keeping a thread to the creative output and thinking.

Why not print the list, and cut them into strips – and pull out a prompt at random.

Try giving one prompt to a small group of students, and have them discuss the topic for a time, before coming back to tell the class about it – or writing for 30 minutes on the subject at hand.

The Dinosaur Writing Prompts:

  1. Imagine if the dinosaurs still roamed earth today. How would humans live alongside them?
  2. Some of the dinosaur species were huge. Why do you think we don’t see animals that size alive today?
  3. Imagine you time travel back to the age of the dinosaurs. How would you stay safe? Where would you set up camp?
  4. Write about going on a family holiday, and stumbling across a giant dinosaur fossil.
  5. If scientists were able to clone dinosaurs from fossils and bring them back to life, do you think they should? Why?
  6. Describe dinosaurs not on land, but in living in the oceans.
  7. Do you think it’s possible that somewhere in the deepest unexplored oceans, dinosaurs still swim?
  8. What animal species alive today do you think are closely related to the dinosaurs?
  9. Write about finding a dinosaur egg stuck in glacier ice, and bringing it home. What happens next?
  10. What are your thoughts about dinosaur “families”? Do you think they would look after their young, or would they have to fend for themselves as soon as they hatched?
  11. Did the dinosaurs sleep like we do? Would they have slept standing up, or laid down in the forest?
  12. Imagine a world where humans lived alongside dinosaurs. How might we use them to help us farm the land?

Looking for some more writing prompts?

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Matt & Hayley