10,000 Story Starter Sentences

"The video game tester was on the ship..."

What is this?

This tool can generate 10,000 unique and quirky story starter sentences, which are a fantastic way to get your kids writing their next story in class or at home.

What sort of story starter sentences does this tool create?

The starter sentences created provide a character and a setting – allowing your students a starting point for their story which their imagination could take in any direction from there.

This is just the seed for a story idea that they will immediately start developing further.

The writing prompts generated draw on a range of characters, including fictional creatures, historical figures, animals, professions of many types and more.

The setting provided could be anything from a familiar modern setting, to a specific adventure, or fantastical place – which when combined with a character will create a unique writing prompt for each of your kids to take where their imagination leads them!

Who is this generator for?

There’s nothing stopping almost anyone using the story starter sentences generator as a fun method of kickstarting their story writing – but it’s proven especially useful for elementary / middle school / primary / ks1 / ks2 ages.

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– Matt & Hayley, TeachersNotepad Creators