35 Writing Prompts about Owls

Owls are magnificent creatures that fill our world with beauty and haunting sounds at night. With eyes that can see prey miles away and mighty wings, owls are interesting specimens to learn and write about, so let’s get started!

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31 Writing Prompts about July

The warm summer month of July is home to many holidays, vacations, and warm weather. Some think of celebrations, water sports, and family barbecues when they think of the seventh month of the year. July means something different to everyone, which is what makes writing these prompts so challenging and fun!

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32 Writing Prompts about Animals

Animals bring us humans much joy, and we can learn so much from them. We love to watch nature programs that show all kinds of animals of all shapes and sizes and colors living in their natural habitat. Whether you prefer cuddly pets at home or wild animals in nature, we all have a soft spot for animals. So let’s write about them!

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31 Gratitude Journal Prompts for Kids

Gratitude is an important attribute, or virtue. The meaning of gratitude can be different from person to person, but typically it means being grateful and appreciating what you have in that given moment.

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30 Writing Prompts about June

June is the sixth month of the calendar year, a time when many are out of school or yearning for a vacation getaway.

While each month has its own pros and cons, June is unique and special in its own way! With 30 days for outdoor activities and relaxation, some see June as the beginning of summer, and we tend to agree.

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33 Writing Prompts about Weather

Whether or not you enjoy small talk, you have to admit that the weather is important and affects our everyday lives.

We experience many types of weather on Earth, from hot and sunny days to snow-covered nights, and everything else in between.

Rain or shine, these writing prompts aim to help get your brain thinking, so you can turn that thinking into writing!

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31 Veterans Day Writing Prompts

It’s easy for children to skip thinking about Veterans Day. Preferring to run outside and play in the good weather, instead of thinking thoughtfully about what veterans have gone through to make that possible.

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34 Writing Prompts about Kindness

A child playing in the park notices a bully, and they run away. He loses his opportunity to spend time in the park. A part of him is left to feel lonely and helpless.

However, if just one person shows that child some kindness, stepping in to defend him from the bully, then their world is completely different.

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35 Writing Prompts about the Ocean

The ocean is a magnificent part of nature, and covers a majority of our planet.

The ocean water can be cool or warm, depending on where in the world you are. While the tide flows in and out, many creatures live in the levels beneath the waves.

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34 Writing Prompts about the Past

We all have our own past. Our memories and experiences make us who we are! We can look at the past to learn from our actions. In our busy days, life moves quickly, and the past can become, well, a thing of the past.

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