41 Summer Writing Prompts For 3rd Grade

Summer vacation gives students and teachers a chance to relax, decompress, and prepare for the next school year.

However, some skills that students learn throughout the year can be lost if they’re not practiced regularly.

Encouraging students to keep writing over the summer helps them document their experiences and also keeps their writing skills fresh.

Below, you’ll find a list of fun summer-themed writing prompts to keep your students writing throughout the summer.

Using This Guide

You can either use this list of prompts in the weeks leading up to the end of the school year, or encourage students to use them during their summer break.

Here are a few ways you can encourage students to write over the summer:

  • Invite the teacher or teachers they will have during the next school year to the classroom, and have these teachers hand out empty journals and encourage students to keep writing during summer break.
  • Incentivize students with prizes at the end of summer vacation if they keep up with their writing.
  • Before school ends, encourage your students to pick one prompt each day for one of the last weeks of school.

Summer Writing Prompts

  1. Write about your ideal family summer vacation. Use as much detail as possible.
  2. What is your favorite summer pastime? What makes it so special?
  3. Do you have any favorite summer foods?
  4. What is your earliest summer memory?
  5. How does your family celebrate the 4th of July?
  6. What is your favorite thing to do when it’s hot outside?
  7. Write a story about summer using the following words: sprinkler, grass, popsicle, sunshine
  8. Write step-by-step directions explaining how to make the perfect s’more.
  9. Have you ever been camping? Write about your experience.
  10. Do you live somewhere that attracts tourists? What activities do they visit for?
  11. Write an acrostic poem using the word “SUMMER”.
  12. Do you like watching fireworks? Why or why not?
  13. Do you enjoy going swimming? Do you prefer freshwater, the ocean, or a pool?
  14. Would you rather spend the summer at the beach or in the woods?
  15. Does anyone from your family come to visit during the summer? What do you do?
  16. Write a story about summer using the following words: s’more, sparkle, together, moonlight
  17. Do you like to go stargazing? Who do you go with?
  18. Write an acrostic poem about summer using the word “VACATION”.
  19. Describe summer using your five senses. Use as much detail as possible.
  20. Write a fictional story where summer vacation never ends.
  21. Would you rather spend a summer day at a theme park or at the beach? Explain.
  22. What is your favorite thing to do on a lazy summer day at home?
  23. Do you have kids in your neighborhood who you spend time with during summer? What do you do?
  24. Would you rather be inside or outside during the summer? Explain.
  25. How do you feel about thunderstorms? Explain your answer.
  26. What is your favorite summer memory?
  27. Write the events of your typical summer day.
  28. Write a story about two friends who have an exciting summer adventure.
  29. Does your family take a big back-to-school shopping trip for clothes and supplies, or do you get a little bit at a time over the summer?
  30. If summer never ended, I would…
  31. Which foods are the best to have at a barbecue? Why?
  32. What will you miss most about the summer when school starts again?
  33. Do you enjoy watching the summer Olympics? Which event(s) do you most enjoy?
  34. Do you play any sports during the summer? What do you play?
  35. During the summer, do you ever miss going to school? Explain your answer.
  36. Take a short walk outside. Describe your experience using all five senses and as much detail as possible.
  37. Would you rather go to a water park or the beach? Why?
  38. Do you ever climb trees during the summer? Write about a tree-climbing memory.
  39. What is the funniest summer memory you have?
  40. What is your favorite cold summer treat? Why?
  41. Describe what summer is like where you live. Do you prefer summers elsewhere? Why?

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