41 Fairy Tale Writing Prompts

Fairy tales bloom from the depths of the mind like blossoming flowers.

They are magical and beautiful but also have had their dark side where an evil force takes over and turns ordinary into extraordinary.

Fairy tales are told to teach children a lesson that makes them so profound in many ways.

Read on for a list of prompts that you can use to start writing your fairy tale.

How to use our prompts:

Writing prompts stimulate creativity. By providing a starting point, the prompt can help you generate writing ideas.

  • Start with something simple. If the prompt is too vague or open-ended, it won’t help you get started.
  • Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, etc., at this point. Just write.
  • Write every day.

List of Fairy Tale Writing Prompts

  1. A princess meets a hungry dragon. How does she convince the dragon to let her go?
  2. A young man comes to realize a witch is after his heart. How is he going to stop her before it’s too late?
  3. A prince finds the witch’s hidden treasure and takes it. 
  4. A princess whose mother dies when she is young, forcing her to assume the throne at a young age.
  5. A princess is frustrated by her royal duties and wishes to flee with the stable boy.
  6. A prince is kidnapped by a witch and must find a way to flee.
  7. A princess is given a magical mirror that tells her she is unattractive.
  8. Although the evil queen was defeated, her evil daughter still plots revenge.
  9. A girl’s wish on a magical mirror turns her family into statues.
  10. A princess is cursed to look like an old woman and only changes back on full moons.
  11. A girl who is attempting to save her family from being devoured by a dragon.
  12. A princess longs to be free of her kingdom and embark on her own adventure.
  13. An evil witch lives in the forest and wants to take over their town.
  14. A prince was cursed to be the town’s big bad wolf.
  15. A princess was kidnapped by an evil witch who ended up caring for her.
  16. A magical potion that can transform someone into something else.
  17. There was once a princess who couldn’t look anyone in the eyes.
  18. Once upon a time, there was a prince who couldn’t speak.
  19. There once lived a prince who was extremely selfish and cruel.
  20. A princess is trapped in a tower. How does she get away?
  21. Everyone in town believes the prince is a villain. Why?
  22. A witch cursed a prince for stealing her potions. 
  23. A princess becomes lost in the forest as a child. 
  24. A witch who lives in a cottage on the outskirts of town is robbing the villagers and must be stopped.
  25. The princess is forcibly married to a monster.
  26. A witch curses a prince, transforming him into an animal who becomes the princess’s pet.
  27. A princess must wear a mask, and no one knows what she looks like.
  28. A princess wishes to be beautiful but is instead transformed into a dragon.
  29. A prince and a princess are forbidden from being together.
  30. A young princess runs away on an adventure and discovers she possesses magical abilities.
  31. A boy who wants to join the circus but is forbidden by his parents.
  32. A girl who aspires to be like her mother, who is a witch but discovers that she is evil.
  33. A prince falls in love with a witch that is trying to destroy his kingdom.
  34. A princess was prophesied to be the world’s most beautiful when she was born, but she was beastly.
  35. A princess who must find a gem in the mountains in order to save her kingdom
  36. An evil witch kidnaps a young girl and plans to make her an apprentice.
  37. The cursed prince must find true love before turning into a beast.
  38. The king bans all witches, wizards, and fairies from his kingdom. One witch won’t leave, and she’s plotting revenge.
  39. A princess is given a magical mirror to save her kingdom, but it’s stolen.
  40. The princess in the cloud fell down from the sky.
  41. The evil witch switches places with the princess. 

Looking For More Creative Writing Prompts?

For teachers, aspiring writers, and anyone else, these writing prompts are a useful resource.

Warm-up and writing exercises can both benefit from writing prompts. You can use it if you can’t think of the right words to say.