43 Fanfiction Writing Prompts

Writing fanfiction is a way to insert yourself and your ideas into your favorite fandoms without changing the original work itself.

Whichever books, TV shows, or movies you love, you’re sure to enjoy this list of prompts to help get your fanfiction writing off to a fun start.

How to Use This Guide

Whether you’re a seasoned fanfiction writer or you’re just starting out, sometimes it helps to have a little outside motivation to help you get started.

These prompts are here to give you ideas for your next fanfic, and can be changed or interpreted however you see fit.

Here are a few ways you can dive into this list:

  • Challenge yourself to use one prompt every day for an entire week.
  • Use a random number generator to pick a number between 1 and 43.
  • Choose a prompt that’s out of your comfort zone.
  • Pick a prompt that covers a trope that you’ve never written before.

Fanfiction Prompts

  1. Your character goes back in time to save one life, unknowingly erasing another.
  2. Your favorite TV characters are on a family game show, and one of them is determined to sabotage just for laughs.
  3. Your character and their nemesis are snowed in together.
  4. You play an important part of your favorite ship finally getting together.
  5. Write a fanfic about a K-Pop group.
  6. A character from your favorite book bumps into a character from your favorite TV show at a bookstore.
  7. Expand a scene of your favorite book that you wish would have been longer or more detailed.
  8. You’re trapped in an elevator with your favorite enemies-to-lovers characters and watch their romance bloom right before your eyes.
  9. Write a fanfic about your favorite superhero.
  10. Write a story about your favorite content creator.
  11. Write a fanfic in which your two favorite characters go on a cooking show together.
  12. You find out that you and your favorite character have the same nemesis—and you have to work together to defeat them.
  13. Write a fanfic about your favorite singer or music group.
  14. Person 1 and Person 2 are enemies. They accidentally booked the same cruise vacation and their rooms are next to each other.
  15. Write a fanfic about your OTP at their first high school dance.
  16. Write a Stranger Things fanfic.
  17. Your favorite deceased character haunts another character. It seems menacing at first, but they’re really just trying to help.
  18. Write a cheesy holiday fic about your OTP.
  19. Person 1: I don’t want to let you go.
    Person 2: If you don’t let me go, I can’t find my way back to you.
  20. Write a Halloween fic featuring your favorite villain.
  21. Write a fanfic about a ship who could never be canon.
  22. Write an Animal Crossing fanfic.
  23. Write a fanfic from the point of view of a secondary character.
  24. Your favorite TV character has amnesia and can’t remember who they are.
  25. Person 1 is assigned to tutor Person 2.
  26. Your character is stuck in a time loop.
  27. Write a theatre AU fic about your favorite friendship pairing.
  28. Write a Riverdale fanfic.
  29. Your favorite sidekick is brainwashed into switching sides.
  30. Person 1 and Person 2 are walking their dogs in opposite directions, and their leashes get tangled as they pass each other.
  31. Put your OTP in a ’90s sitcom.
  32. Write a space AU fic featuring your favorite villain.
  33. Write a fanfic about a meet-cute between your two favorite side characters.
  34. Your favorite superhero is now in the world of Twlight.
  35. The villain turns out to have been a good guy all along.
  36. Person 1 accidentally spills coffee on Person 2.
  37. Your superhero protagonist wakes up in an ordinary life.
  38. Person 1: You’re quiet today. Are you okay?
    Person 2: No one plots their revenge out loud.
  39. Write a Harry Potter fanfic.
  40. Write a fanfic about your favorite character’s found family.
  41. Write an LGBTQ+ fanfic.
  42. Soulmates exist… just not romantically.
  43. Person 1 makes it their personal mission to get Person 2 to like their new hobby.

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