43 Fantasy Writing Prompts for Middle School

Writing fantasy is a great way for young writers to use their imaginations and create their own worlds while they improve other writing skills.

Even if they’re not normally interested in writing fantasy, sometimes shifting focus to something that can be entirely made up helps writers let loose and just have fun with the task at hand.

If you’re looking for some classroom inspiration, we’ve got you covered!

Using This Guide

Each student has a style of writing they love, and a style of writing they struggle with. These prompts are fun and engaging, but easy to work into your daily activities.

Here are a few ways you can use these prompts:

  • Have students choose a prompt that jumps off the page at them.
  • Divide the prompts by classroom group.
  • Have the prompts handy for downtime or when students need a little extra practice.

The Prompts

  1. You find an old book in your attic. When you open it, you’re transported inside the book.
  2. Write a short story about dragons.
  3. Write a fantasy story that contains the following words: stream, moss, darkened, earthy
  4. Write a story about a girl whose locker is a time machine.
  5. You buy a pencil from the bookstore. During your next test, the pencil writes all of the correct answers for you.
  6. Rewrite your favorite fairy tale, set in modern day.
  7. You wake up one morning to find that you have wings.
  8. Write a fantasy story that includes the following words: mistake, event, wonder, sword
  9. Write a story about an underdog.
  10. One day, your cat walks up to you and asks you a question.
  11. Write a story about an enchanted jewelry box.
  12. When you put a seashell to your ear to hear the ocean, you actually hear much more than that.
  13. Write a story about a mirror that grants wishes.
  14. You think the new kid in school might have magical powers.
  15. A boy wishes it could be his birthday every day, and his wish comes true.
  16. Write a story about a locket with a hidden world inside of it.
  17. Write a story about a giant who just wants to go to regular school.
  18. Write a story that includes the following words: battle, simple, tiny, fire
  19. Write a story about a ghost with a special mission.
  20. You finish building a small town with your LEGOs. When you look outside, the world has transformed into the one you just built.
  21. Write a story about a scuba diver who stumbles across a community of merpeople.
  22. You’re sitting under a tree, reading a book. As the wind blows, you hear the tree whisper your name.
  23. You fall into a puddle on the playground. Instead of hitting the ground, you go through the puddle into an alternate world.
  24. Write a fantasy story that includes the following words: cushion, rainbow, wrestle, speckle
  25. You think your cafeteria lady is hiding a magical secret.
  26. Write a story about a crossing guard with super strength.
  27. Write a story about an oven that magically bakes whatever you want.
  28. You’re browsing old books in the library when you stumble across a book of spells.
  29. You discover that your grandfather is immortal.
  30. Write a story that contains the following words: dragon, time, smile, elderly
  31. Write a story about a cat who takes a particular liking to your new neighbor.
  32. You receive a mysterious letter in the mail. It just says, “We’re watching. We’re waiting.”
  33. Write a fantasy story about a princess who saves a knight.
  34. Choose one famous battle or war from history, but add magic into the mix.
  35. You open your closet and find a family of fairies.
  36. Write a fantasy story about a pirate who actually wanted to be a pilot.
  37. The three bears never meant to scare Goldilocks.
  38. No one can see her because she’s a ghost. One day, a boy speaks to her.
  39. Write a story about footprints in the snow that suddenly stop–but there’s no one around.
  40. Write a story using the following words: tea, lantern, steady, wander
  41. What if unicorns were real?
  42. You have the option to choose one superpower. Choose wisely, because you can’t change your mind later.
  43. You go to a basketball game, only to realize that the players are all actually monsters.

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