33 Groundhog Day Writing Prompts

Do you think of Bill Murray or Punxsawtawny Phil when you think about Groundhog Day? Both are immortal icons of the February day.

And the day provides the inspiration for the prompts assembled here.

Being creative can be inspired by almost anything, and these prompts show the truth in that statement.

How to Use

These prompts can simply be assigned at random or try drawing numbers from a hat.

You could also set up some sort of game with them, guessing where the groundhog will be or similar, to engage multiple learning functions simultaneously.

The Prompts

  1. Write about Groundhog day from the groundhogs perspective.
  2. Write a story about which Groundhog inherits the duty of deciding when spring comes.
  3. What would it be like to be the most important Groundhog in the United States? 
  4. Describe a day in the life of Phil’s escort. 
  5. What would you rename the groundhog? Creatively describe what and why.
  6. Describe what happens if another animal replaced Punxsawtawny Phil to determine when Spring comes.
  7. What would it be like if you had to repeat a certain day over and over again?
  8. Do you think that a Groundhog actually predicts the seasons? Why or why not?
  9. Write a story about the groundhog and his family.
  10. Can you predict what the outcome will be next time? Why do you think this?
  11. When you see your shadow what does it make you thing and why?
  12. Write a story about your shadow coming to life. What happens?
  13. Write a story about predicting the future.
  14. Write a story about a prediction gone wrong.
  15. Do you know someone who is always right? Write a story about them, or make up a person who’s always right.
  16. Write a story about how the other woodland animals get jealous of Punxsawtawny Phil. 
  17. What do you think the inside of a groundhog’s house would look like?
  18. Describe what Punxsawtawny Phil is doing right before he comes out to prepare for his prediction.
  19. Do you think Phil checks the weather leading up to his prediction on Groundhog Day? Write a story about the week before his prediction.
  20. Do you ever get scared of your shadow? Write a story incorporating your answer.
  21. How do you prepare before you are cased to do something in front of an audience?
  22. Did you know that groundhogs are sometimes known as land beavers? Write about how a land beaver would be different from a groundhog.
  23. Write a story about being scared of something? Be creative as long as it’s about being scared.
  24. How do you relax? What do you think a groundhog does to relax?
  25. Describe to a groundhog why he shouldn’t be afraid of his shadow.
  26. Write about what would happen if Punxsawtawny Phil got lost in his burrow. Use any perspective.
  27. If Groundhogs could talk what would Phil say about Groundhog Day?
  28. What do you think a groundhog’s favorite music is? Why?
  29. Do you think Phil likes his name? Why or why not?
  30. Is Groundhog’s Day a holiday or do we celebrate now more from tradition? Why?
  31. Make up a story about how Groundhog Day got started.
  32. Do you think that The groundhog is really scared of his shadow? 
  33. If you had a pet groundhog what would you do together?

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