37 Mermaid Writing Prompts

Mindy loved being a mermaid, but always felt different from the rest of the fish in the ocean.

She knew that she was prettier, but it was hard to make friends.

After all, she was half human and half fish, so how could she possibly fit in? She was torn.

But one day she found a group of other mermaids. Finally, she was able to make friends and didn’t feel alone anymore…

Many young writers are fascinated with mermaids, so these fictional sea creatures are an excellent topic for writing prompts that encourage creativity. 

How to use these prompts 

Writing prompts can be used as occasional assignments or as a daily writing exercise to help students get into the habit of writing.

You can either have students pick numbers at random or instruct the class to choose one writing prompt every day. 

Let’s get writing!

  1. Would you like to be a mermaid? Why or why not?
  2. Do you think mermaids are fish or humans? Explain why. 
  3. How do you think mermaids breathe underwater?
  4. Write a creative story about a family of mermaids. 
  5. What are three benefits of being a mermaid?
  6. What are three bad things about being a mermaid?
  7. Write a story about a mermaid who turned into a fish.
  8. If you went fishing and caught a mermaid, what would you do?
  9. Imagine that the Little Mermaid didn’t get her legs. How would she marry the prince?
  10. If your legs didn’t work, how would you get around?
  11. Write a story about a mermaid who was trying to make friends with other fish.
  12. If you met a mermaid, what would you ask them?
  13. If you turned into a mermaid, where would you live and go to school?
  14. What do you think mermaids eat?
  15. Do you think mermaids are real? Why or why not?
  16. Write a story about becoming friends with a mermaid. 
  17. What would a mermaid’s house look like?
  18. How do you think mermaids brush their hair and teeth?
  19. Write a story about a school for mermaids. 
  20. What do you think mermaids learn in school?
  21. What would it be like to spend a day swimming with the mermaids?
  22. Write a story about a mermaid that turned into a human. 
  23. Write about some creative outfits that mermaids could wear. 
  24. Write about an underwater town for mermaids.
  25. What do you think is a mermaid’s biggest enemy?
  26. If a mermaid coupon were friends with one fish, what kind of fish would it be?
  27. If you found a mermaid on the beach, how would you save it?
  28. How do you think mermaids get away from sharks?
  29. What do you think a mermaid would like to get for a birthday present?
  30. What kind of holidays do you think mermaids celebrate?
  31. What kind of jobs do you think grown up mermaids have?
  32. Write a story about an evil fisherman who was out to catch the mermaids.
  33. What would it be like if there were mermaids at SeaWorld?
  34. Why do you think you’ve never seen a mermaid?
  35. Do you think that mermaids are happy? Why or why not?
  36. If you could teach a mermaid one thing, what would it be?
  37. What do you think you could learn from a mermaid?

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