43 Mother’s Day Writing Prompts

My mother gives the world’s greatest hugs.  They are warm and inviting, and make me feel loved. 

Mothers are special, and they should be appreciated for all their effort. 

This is a list of Mother’s Day writing prompts to help get creative and to make sure we stop and appreciate the wonderful moms that we are all so lucky to have.

How to Use the Prompts About Mom

Perhaps this is a list you send home and have moms pick out what they want their son or daughter to write about. 

Or pick the one for each that you believe will help them appreciate their mothers more. 

Or there is always the pick a number (1-43) and then assign the corresponding prompt.

Mother’s Day Prompts

  1. Tell why your mom is the best mom.
  2. What is something that only you and your mom do together, and why is it special?
  3. Describe the best Mother’s Day gift you have ever made.
  4. What is your favorite memory with you mom? Why?
  5. Imagine you made your mom breakfast in bed. Use detail to describe what you would make.
  6. Write about what you believe your Mom’s perfect day would be.
  7. What is something your mom does that’s special?
  8. How does your mom go out of her way for you? How does that make you feel?
  9. What would you buy your mom if you could get her any gift in the world?
  10. What is the best thing your mom has taught you?
  11. What is your favorite thing your mom makes for dinner? Why?
  12. Imagine the perfect gift.  If you could make your mom anything, what would it be?
  13. What would happen if you and your mom switched places for the day? 
  14. What is the funniest thing your mom does?
  15. Do you have a bonus mom? Why is she special?
  16. Has your mom ever really embarrassed you before?  How?
  17. Describe your mom before you were around. Create a story about the person you think she was.
  18. Do you make your mom laugh? Describe something you would do to get her to laugh at you.
  19. Explain what makes your mom beautiful.  These don’t just have to be physical traits. 
  20. Do you have any special memories of your grandmother? 
  21. How do you celebrate your mom and grandma together on Mother’s Day?
  22. How is your mom unique. Why?
  23. Write a story about your mom if she was a robot. What would happen?
  24. Make up an animal that you think would be your mom’s new favorite if it was a real animal.
  25. If your mom was a superhero, what would her powers be? What would her superhero name be? 
  26. What is your mom’s job?  Describe what you think she does at work.
  27. What makes your mom smile?  Do you know why?
  28. If your mom was a queen, what would she be the queen of? 
  29. What is your mom and your favorite movie to watch together? What would happen if you were both characters in the movie?
  30. Does your mom have any special talents?  Describe how she uses them or make one up!
  31. Create a museum about your mom.  What would some exhibits be? Where would it be located? What would it look like?
  32. Are your mom and your grandma alike? Describe how they are or aren’t.
  33. Make up a story about your mom at your age.
  34. Does your mom think she is cool? Describe how she is and why?
  35. What makes your mom different from other moms?  Is that good or bad? Why?
  36. Can you tell a story about the best Mother’s Day ever from your mom’s perspective?
  37. What about your mom that is interesting? Why?
  38. Tell a story about how your mom and dad met.  Even if you know, make up a story that you think would be the most interesting way that could have happened.
  39. What is your mom’s favorite book?  Write a story that might go along with it?
  40. What do you imagine your mom was like at your age?  Why?
  41. Do you think your mom ever gets in trouble?  What would it be for?
  42. Why is Mother’s Day important?
  43. Write a story about what you would do to make your mother feel the most loved.

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