45 Sci-Fi Writing Prompts

Science fiction is one of the most beloved genres of storytelling around, whether it is a movie, book, or some other medium that brings you the science fiction that you love the most.

Use these prompts to engage your students and learn more about what makes them tick and what they like. Whether they love Star Wars, Jurassic Park, or Ray Bradbury, these prompts should get kids thinking a little differently. 

How to Use Prompts

These are great prompts to randomly assign; they are fun and incredibly creative.

They are also good for self-assignment or use as the daily classroom writing prompt to see all of the different ways your class answers the same question.  


  1. Science fiction imagines the what-ifs. Pick a what-if and write a creative story about it.
  2. Sci-Fi has produced some of the greatest writers of our time. Pick a favorite and explain your choice. 
  3. What is your favorite science fiction character, and why?
  4. Create an alien world and describe it in detail.
  5. Explain a new species to your audience.
  6. What makes science fiction so interesting for most people?
  7. Do you have a favorite Sci-Fi movie or book? Explain your choice.
  8. Do you believe science fiction holds any greater truths? What are they?
  9. Can you explain science fiction to someone who has no idea what the genre is about?
  10. Write about an exploratory mission to Mars and explain the findings.
  11. Write a story about the main character who acquires a superpower suddenly.
  12. Describe aliens coming to Earth and what would happen once they were here.
  13. Write what would happen if the Miss Universe pageant included species from all over the universe. 
  14. Do you think aliens or other life forms exist? Why or why not?
  15. What would happen if A.I. finally realized that humans are terrified of them figuring out they could take over the world?
  16. Create a universe where all beings are peaceful. How would they work through conflicts?
  17. What upgrades do you think that people would get if scientific upgrades were possible?
  18. What is the advantage of being the evil genius in a science fiction story? Why?
  19. Why do you think people are fascinated by thinkers like Steven Hawking? 
  20. Do you know of any ways we use the principles of science fiction stories in everyday life?
  21. What would you do if you were an astronaut stranded in outer space?
  22. What is your favorite movie that involves disaster in outer space? Describe why you feel that way.
  23. Describe an alternate universe that is still parallel to ours and what would happen if the course of the two came together.
  24. Why is science fiction such a cherished form of escapism? Why do people need to escape sometimes?
  25. What aspects of certain science fiction stories seem plausible to you and why?
  26.  Describe what would happen if your smart home suddenly got too smart and attacked you and the family.
  27. Why is science fiction so popular in an almost universal way?
  28. Write a story where mythological creatures are brought to life, and the ensuing chaos,
  29. Why is this type of writing so appealing to so many? What makes Sci-Fi so captivating?
  30. Why do people seem to love Star Wars so much? 
  31. Describe your least favorite science fiction story and explain why.
  32. What is the worst sci-fi scenario you can think of? Describe it and why in detail.
  33. Recreate your favorite science fiction scene with characters from a different series or story.
  34. How do you most relate to the stories that Sci-Fi writing tells?
  35. Write a story where you return from the future to tell yourself something significant.
  36. Why is time travel so controversial?
  37. How do you know when a Sci-Fi story will end up being good?
  38. What makes a sci-fi story stand out from the rest?
  39. Why is the unknown so captivating? Explain.
  40. Set the scene for a crazy event in a sci-fi story.
  41. What is your greatest fear related to sci-fi?
  42. Do you know anyone you think would write a great sci-fi story?
  43. Create an all-new sci-fi theme.
  44. Are there any sci-fi stories that scare you? Explore one of these themes…
  45. What is the best sci-fi series that you can think of and why?

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