42 Sunday Writing Prompts

Is Sunday the best day of the week for you? Or is it the day you dread because the week starts the next day again, and your weekend will soon be over?

Sundays are sometimes good and sometimes bad, and sometimes just plain weird.

Love them, hate them, or any feeling between, Sunday provides plenty of material to write about. Use these prompts to help your students get creative about Sunday. 

How to Use Prompts

These are meant to be thoughtful and reflective and to improve writing skills.

This might be a set of prompts that you want to let the students choose which they want to write about. Feeling connected to the prompt will help improve the quality of writing, or at least that is hoped for.

The Prompts

  1. Why is Sunday a great day for relaxing?
  2. What is the best Sunday of the year, and why?
  3. Is there something that you always do on Sundays?
  4. Do you think that Sundays start the week, or do you think it ends the week and why?
  5. Are your Sundays a mad dash to get all the forgotten things of the weekend done? Why?
  6. Describe the perfect Sunday. Explain what makes it so perfect in detail.
  7. Do you like Sundays? Why or why not?
  8. What is the weekly habit you do every Sunday?
  9. How do you use Sunday to prepare for the rest of the week?
  10. Write a story with the main character who has the name Sunday.
  11. What if Sunday were about Sundaes? What would you do if this were the reality?
  12. What type of Sundae is your favorite to eat on a Sunday afternoon? What makes it perfect?
  13. How would your Sunday look through the eyes of your pet?
  14. Do you know anyone who has an extremely unique Sunday routine?
  15. Do you have any family traditions that happen on Sundays? Describe them.
  16. What makes the best Sunday afternoon activity and why?
  17. Write a story about how Sunday is the perfect end to the weekend.
  18. What would you do on Sunday if you didn’t have to go to work or school the next day?
  19. Do you use Sunday to prepare for the rest of the week? Why or why not?
  20. Write about a Sunday adventure that might happen on an uneventful Sunday afternoon.
  21. Why is Sunday a great day for being lazy?
  22. Do you leave all your weekend homework until Sunday afternoon? Why or why not?
  23. When you go to bed on a Sunday night, what is the last thing you do before you fall asleep?
  24. Why do Sundays always seem too short to complete everything you need to get done?
  25. Can you write a story about the worst Sunday and how it would take place?
  26. Write about the craziest Sunday you have ever had.
  27. How could a Sunday become really complicated quickly and describe it in detail? 
  28. What is the reason Sunday should be a day of rest? Explain and back your argument with examples or facts.
  29. Are there any great songs that talk about Sunday? Write about one, or write about why there aren’t any. 
  30. Create a story about a world without a Sunday.
  31. Are Sundays the most important day of the week? Why or why not?
  32. Describe how you imagine Sunday would be if the day were a person.
  33. Why Sunday? What are the reasons you do the things you do on a Sunday?
  34. Do you know any great things to do on a Sunday? Describe them.
  35. Is there a day that you prefer over Sunday? Why?
  36. Correct a friend who hates Sundays and tell them why they are mistaken.
  37. What would the week be like if Sundays came in a different order than they do.
  38. Why do you think the Super Bowl always happens on a Sunday?
  39. Describe a world where every day was Sunday. Use details.
  40. Do you know anyone who avoids Sundays? Why is that?
  41. Why Sunday? Create a story with this title.
  42. Write a story about a sundae named Sunday.

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