11 Writing Prompts about Birthdays

Whether it is our 1st, or our 100th, our birthday signifies all sorts of different milestones, and moments throughout our lives.

Some of us revel in the gathering of people around us to celebrate our special day, while others look forward most to celebrating a loved ones birthday.

However we experience birthdays, there is no denying that they are special days, and are obviously something which we’ve all been involved with – so let’s try taking a look into how we can use this shared experience to inspire some thoughtful writing!

Let’s get into it…

How to use these:

Try reading through the list of prompts until one involuntarily triggers a memory. Start writing immediately on this topic, capturing every little detail that you can – you’ll likely be surprised at just how much detail you have stored away about that birthday memory!

Or, you could simply pick a random number between 1 and 11, and that is your chosen prompt – write a page on it without stopping to plan things out.

Alternatively you might like to combine two prompts, and write a more complicated piece about what birthdays mean to you.

However you choose to use them, I hope they help your writing exercise!

The prompts:

  1. What was your best birthday ever, and what made it so good?
  2. What do you think of when you think of your previous birthday, and your next birthday? Explain.
  3. Do you prefer your own birthday and being the centre of attention, or going to a good friends birthday and seeing them react to opening all their presents? Why?
  4. Would you prefer a birthday party with 5 close friends or 500 people who sort of know you? Why?
  5. Have you ever celebrated a pets birthday? What did you do? If you haven’t, imagine what you would do.
  6. What was the best birthday present you ever received? What made you think of it?
  7. How do you think your opinion of your birthday might change as you grow older over your lifetime? Why?
  8. Would you prefer a surprise birthday party, or to know long in advance of all the details of your party? Why?
  9. Do you expect expensive gifts every birthday? Or are you grateful for any gift you might receive? Explain.
  10. Does a virtual gift inside a game count as a birthday gift for you? Why?
  11. How do you most like to celebrate a family members birthday? Do you have any special traditions in your household?

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Matt & Hayley