44 Writing Prompts About Cars

Whether you’re a seasoned car expert or you just have a general interest and basic knowledge, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to all things cars.

We’ve put together a list of simple writing prompts to help students dig deeper and explore what they know about cars.

Using This Guide

If your class is learning about transportation, this list of writing prompts would be great to use in tandem with your lessons.

Here are a few other ways this guide can be used:

  • Keep this list handy for students who finish work early and need a quiet activity to work on while others finish.
  • Challenge your student(s) to choose one writing prompt every day for a week and write in their writing journal.
  • Have students pick a number between 1 and 44. This number will be their prompt number.

Ready, Set, Write!

  1. Are you into cars, or do you know someone who is very enthusiastic about cars? What sparked the interest?
  2. If you could drive any kind of car, what would it be? Why?
  3. Did you have a favorite toy car when you were younger? What kind of car was it?
  4. How are cars different now from what they were 50 years ago?
  5. How do you think cars will change in the next 20 years?
  6. Compare and contrast gas and electric cars.
  7. What are some things you should never do while driving?
  8. How do cars affect the environment?
  9. Discuss some of the reasons why car accidents happen.
  10. Which is better: cars or public transportation?
  11. Do you think self-driving cars will be the majority in the coming years?
  12. What are the pros and cons of driverless cars?
  13. What kinds of pollution does vehicle use cause?
  14. Compare and contrast economy cars and luxury cars.
  15. Have you ever been to a classic car show? Describe your experience.
  16. What are some of the top myths about cars?
  17. How has child safety increased in cars in the past 25 years?
  18. Why is it more important to follow the guidelines of child safety seats rather than the minimum requirements by law?
  19. Have you ever been in a car accident? Describe your experience.
  20. Which country produces the best cars? Explain your reasoning.
  21. Do you prefer to travel by car or by airplane when going long distances?
  22. Where do you prefer to sit in the car?
  23. Have you ever been on a road trip? Describe your experience.
  24. Write a traffic report for your drive from home to school.
  25. Have you ever watched the Fast and the Furious movies? Did you like them?
  26. What is your favorite car-related video game?
  27. What is your favorite car-related movie?
  28. Do you think the driving age in the United States is too low, too high, or just right? Explain your reasoning.
  29. What are the pros and cons of electric cars?
  30. Write an advertisement for any type of car you’d like.
  31. Find a picture of a car online. Write down as many details about it as you can.
  32. Do you think any car will ever be truly environmentally friendly?
  33. Write 3-5 paragraphs about the 1908 Model-T.
  34. How does the mainstream media affect the automotive industry?
  35. Have you ever ridden in a limo? Describe your experience.
  36. Would you rather take public transportation, like a bus or train, or take private transportation, like an Uber or a taxi? Why?
  37. Research and write five interesting facts about cars.
  38. Do you think cars should be seen as an extension of the person driving?
  39. Compare and contrast manual and automatic transmissions. Which do you think is better?
  40. Should cars use gas or electricity? Explain.
  41. Do you believe the speed limits should be raised, or left where they are? Explain.
  42. Do you think SUVs are safer than other vehicles? Explain.
  43. Why is it important for everyone to learn basic car maintenance?
  44. How have airbags changed the way we drive cars?

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