45 Writing Prompts about Family

As she rounded the corner, the carpet caught her foot. The glittering glazed ham flew out of her hands and directly onto Grandma.

Just another Christmas at my house, I guess.

Your family can inspire some great creative writing.  With a subject that you can always count on. 

The following are 45 great writing prompts about family to inspire young authors to get creative.

Using the Prompts for inspiration

Maybe you hope to inspire young writers, or perhaps fuel your passion for writing within yourself.

The prompts that you find here are designed to help a writer find the creativity in words on the page. 

The prompts can be used alone or in groups and are meant to get the creative juices moving.  

Prompts About Family

  1. Has your family ever seriously embarrassed you?  Describe what happened,
  2. Plan a bank heist with your family as the team.
  3. Write a story starting with “My family is great because…”
  4. Describe a favorite holiday memory with your family.
  5. Describe the best family vacation you’ve ever taken.  Explain why.
  6. One special thing about each family member.
  7. Write about a favorite family tradition.
  8. What if you were a family of superheroes?
  9. Which of your family members are you the most similar to? Why? How?
  10. Which family member do you aspire to be like, and for what reasons?
  11. I’m like my grandparents because….
  12. Share something interesting from your family history.
  13. What makes your family unique? How?
  14. Explain a funny situation involving your parents.
  15. Your family escapes from an island.
  16. What dance would your family do at a line dancing competition?
  17. If you and your family were animals, what type would they be and why?
  18. Do you and your family have specific family time scheduled together?  What do you guys do?
  19. Re-do a family tradition and tell how and why you would change it. 
  20. Explain a time when family plans did not go as expected. 
  21. Have you ever gone on a camping trip with family? Describe one good thing and one bad thing that happened.
  22. Do you know what your parents’ careers are?  Describe what your mom or dad does in your own words.
  23. How big is your family?  What happened when you’re together?
  24. What are some favorite books your family reads over and over?  Why?
  25. Use colors to depict your family.  Why does each of the colors you chose define each family member.
  26. The best and worst parts of your family and why they’re important to you
  27. Describe your favorite family activity?  What makes it special?
  28. Is there a traditional meal your family eats for some special occasion? What about it makes it special?
  29. If you could give your mom or dad anything, what would it be and why? Be creative, make up a gift you think they would love, or need.
  30. What is something nice that your family does for you?  How does it make you feel?
  31. What would happen if you tried to have a family hobby?  Would it work out?  Why or why not?
  32. What would your family do if a new neighbor you didn’t like moved in next door?
  33. If you could hang out with one or both of your parents as kids what do you think it might be like?  What would you do together?
  34. What would the perfect day for your family be?
  35. What does the word family mean to you?  
  36. How do you contribute to your family around the house?
  37. Do you have any younger siblings?  Do you remember when they were born?
  38. if your family were a type of food what would they be?
  39. Do you cook with your family? What do you make?
  40. What makes your family awesome?
  41. Have you ever moved? If you have, describe it, if you haven’t, describe what you think it would be like?
  42. Do you have any pets?  Describe how they are part of the family or not.
  43. Do you have older siblings? How well do you get along?
  44. What was the last thing you got in trouble with your family for?
  45. Help your family keep a secret.  How do you do it?

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