44 Writing Prompts About Growth Mindset

There are two types of mindsets that have been catching a lot of attention lately.

There is a growth mindset describing the type of person who learns from mistakes and takes opportunities to do things in unconventional ways.

There is also a fixed mindset which describes someone who engages in traditional concepts of how to learn and grow.

A growth mindset provides so much more, including this series of writing prompts to allow introspection and understanding of why and how.

How to Use the Prompts

These prompts are a bit more emotionally driven than some tend to be.

You might want to let the students just pick one that they are comfortable writing about.

You could also group them so that there are less and more personal ones and then have the students pull prompts, that way they understand why they’re choosing. 

All of these prompts are meant to encourage growth.

Growth Mindset Prompts

  1. Do you think you have a fixed or growth mindset? Why?
  2. How did a lesson learned from a mistake help make you a better person?
  3. What do you learn when you accomplish a really hard goal? Describe and tell about the goal too!
  4. Describe one of your long-term goals and how you accomplished it.
  5. How can a growth mindset contribute to overall success?
  6. Do you know someone with a fixed mindset? Does it hold them back?
  7. Describe a time that you failed at first, but then tried again and were successful.
  8. Write a story about overcoming a challenge.
  9. Do you believe in visualization for success? Why or why not?
  10. Describe how positive thinking helped you reach a goal.
  11. Do you have an inner voice? Describe yours as if you were introducing a person.
  12. Write an acrostic poem using the word CHALLENGE.
  13. Write a story about how one missed opportunity can change the course of everything.
  14. Write a story about someone with a special talent that makes them unique.
  15. What would you tell your inner vice if it were a real person?
  16. Describe how fear has held you back from accomplishing some goal.
  17. Do you resist change or embrace it? Why?
  18. Who is your biggest inspiration? Tell why.
  19. Do you have a role model? Describe why you want to be like them.
  20. Write a story about someone encountering an obstacle and what they do.
  21. Write a creative story about a challenge.
  22. Define success. In doing this, define what you think success looks like for you.
  23. How can you change a fixed mindset into a growth mindset?
  24. Write a story where the main character learns a new skill.
  25. How does feedback from people make you feel? Why?
  26. Write a story starting with: “If I knew I couldn’t fail I would…”
  27. Describe a time when “practice makes perfect.”
  28. Write about the accomplishment you are most proud of.
  29. Describe where you see yourself in ten years. Use lots of details.
  30. Can you think of a time you wished you had tried harder? Describe why.
  31. What is the thing you’re most distracted by?
  32. How do you help those around you succeed?
  33. Describe something that made you uncomfortable until you decided to push past it.
  34. How have you changed in the past year? What about the last five years?
  35. Write a story about helpfulness.
  36. Discuss why froth is important.
  37. Write a story that begins: “When I saw her fail, I knew I couldn’t keep myself from…”
  38. Write a story about an animal who fails, learns a lesson, and grows from it.
  39. Write a celebration story. Make sure you tell what you’re celebrating and why.
  40. How do you make sure that you can be your best self? What do you do>
  41. Write a story about a bully who changes their mindset for the better.
  42. Write a story where the main character is guided by intuition.
  43. Write about a character who never fails and how that isn’t the best thing.
  44. Describe the person you think is the most successful and why.

Can’t Get Enough?

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