33 Writing Prompts About Helen Keller

Despite having some astonishing odds facing her, Helen Keller overcame her disabilities and has become an icon of fortitude who is still a beacon of hope for many.

These prompts reflect upon her challenges and will hopefully inspire your students to see that they can overcome their challenges.

How to Use the Prompts

These may be good prompts to have students pull out of a jar.

For example, see what happens if you take their sight and hearing away, the same as Helen Keller.

See how these senses might affect choice or if it helps them write about the prompts.

The Prompts

  1. Describe how you overcame a significant challenge in your life.
  2. What would you do if you got sick and were never the same again? 
  3. Can you describe how seeing others succeed against all odds makes you feel?
  4. Write a story describing life for Helen Keller.
  5. Write a story that begins: “If I were Helen Keller, I would…”
  6. What does it feel like to be frustrated? 
  7. What would you do if no one could understand you?
  8. Write a story and imagine the world if you lost your sight or hearing.
  9. Do you think it is hard to be as optimistic as Helen Keller was? Why or why not?
  10. What makes you the happiest? Why does that bring you joy?
  11. Water was essential to Helen Keller. Describe how water is vital to you.
  12. Do you believe that what Helen Keller experienced was miraculous? Explain your view.
  13. Does anything make you anxious or nervous? How do you calm down?
  14. Describe a simple task you can do that may have been monumentally difficult for Helen Keller. Does that make you appreciate the task more?
  15. If Helen Keller had been born today, do you believe she would have lost her hearing and sight? Why do you think this?
  16. Write a story as if you were Helen Keller’s pet. Describe what you see.
  17. Do you think Anne Sullivan was proud of being able to teach Helen Keller?
  18. Name a skill you wish you had or were better at? Then, think of how you could learn it or improve it logically.
  19. Do you think communicating using sign language is more or less difficult? Why?
  20. Describe traveling back in time to meet Helen Keller. Describe what happens if this were possible.
  21. Is there anything you would miss seeing if you were suddenly blind?
  22. Helen Keller was a remarkable student. What is your favorite subject to learn about and why?
  23. Write a poem about Helen Keller’s remarkably positive outlook. 
  24. Use Helen Keller as the words for an acrostic poem about Helen Keller.
  25. Helen Keller is an important historical figure. What other historical woman inspires you?
  26. Describe an activity as if you were Helen Keller.
  27. Do you believe that water holds healing properties? Do you think it was special for Helen Keller?
  28. If you were transported to Helen Keller’s era what do you think life would have been like? Describe it.
  29. Could you go a whole day with your eyes closed? Explain.
  30. What do you find most impressive about Helen Keller?
  31. Who is the most inspirational person you know and why?
  32. Explain why we need people like Helen Keller.
  33. Why do you think Helen Keller is brave?

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