47 Writing Prompts for Beginners

Writing is difficult for some. Unforeseen obstacles and challenges may be no trouble for a more experienced writer, yet they may seem daunting to a beginner. 

These prompts are for a beginning creative writer. 

They are meant to inspire and not create fear instead of words. Let new writers, whatever their age, explore and practice their skills with these prompts.

How to use these

Since these are prompts meant for beginners, drawing them randomly is a great way to get started. 

If you have a large enough group you could have students pick prompts for each other.

These could even be used as daily journal prompts, to help writers find their strengths and weaknesses.

Beginning Prompts

  1. Look outside and let today’s weather inspire a story.
  2. Describe your favorite meal and what it means to you.
  3. Write a story describing when you met your best friend.
  4. Pick a random word from the dictionary and use it to write a story.
  5. Write a story starting with: “What would you do if…”
  6. What are you afraid of? Use your fear to tell a story.
  7. Who is someone you envy? Write from their perspective.
  8. What makes you the happiest? Why?
  9. Create a story about trying or being surprised by new things.
  10. Who do you admire? Describe them and why they are admirable to you.
  11. Write a story about an animal using personification.
  12. Do you have good neighbors? Describe them and why or why not they are good neighbors.
  13. Describe when you got caught doing something wrong.
  14. Write a story about having a fight with your parents.
  15. Who inspires you? How? Why?
  16. Write a story about an abandoned warehouse and what you find there.
  17. Write a story about receiving a phone call from an unknown number and what happens.
  18. Write a story about a dragon. Anything goes.
  19. Describe a new sport of your own creation. Give it rules and regulations.
  20. Write a story about someone you miss dearly. 
  21. What is your favorite time of day? Write a story that takes place at that time.
  22. Write the plot for a new movie. Make it something you would want to see.
  23. Tell a story about or that takes place in darkness.
  24. Can you describe your hardest day ever? What happened? 
  25. Turn one of your dreams into a story that someone else would want to read.
  26. Do you have a special talent? Describe what makes it unique.
  27. How do you react to being frightened? Take that reaction, and apply it to a story about Halloween.
  28. Rewrite a favorite story or a scene from a favorite novel. How and why did you change it.
  29. Who is your hero? Write them a letter telling them why.
  30. Create a civilization of aliens and describe how it is and isn’t like our societies on Earth.
  31. Write a story about something magical happening.
  32. Write a story about a character who everyone else in the story ignores.
  33. Write a letter to your future self. Describe your goals and what your hopes for your future are right now.
  34. Write a letter to your past self. Include things you know now that you didn’t then.
  35. Write a story where each sentence begins with the next letter of the alphabet. Start with an “A” sentence, then a “B” sentence, and continue to the letter “Z.”
  36. Write a biography of yourself. Include all the things you want to be known or remembered for.
  37. Rewrite a story you know from the perspective of a different character. 
  38. What are the best and worst things about growing up? Why?
  39. Create a story where the main character is misunderstood by those around them.
  40. Can you write a story about an important lesson that you learned?
  41. Write a story based on your favorite word.
  42. Describe a fight you had with your best friend.
  43. Write a story about your family.
  44. What do you feel is your greatest achievement? Why?
  45. Make a new constellation. What is it? Why would it be significant?
  46. Write your bucket list.
  47. Write a story about a character meeting new people.

Looking for More…?

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