365 Writing Prompts to help inspire you to write every day [FREE]

A writing prompt can help a writer create something phenomenal. They can provide inspiration, focus the writer, and guide thoughts that may be scattered.

Prompts can also help to take a writer out of their comfort zone and write something different. They are helpful no matter what kind of writer you are, or are working with.

With all types of prompts included, this is a resource you can return to and be confident that you are helping your young writers grow their skills.

How to Use this List of Prompts

With 365 prompts, there is one for each day of the year.

May we suggest assigning each prompt a corresponding calendar day and then giving each student the prompt associated with their birthday?

Alternatively, feel free to use the tried and true method of pulling a prompt out of a hat.

Even group the ones you like and provide them for students a few at a time to satisfy your writers’ needs. 

The Writing Prompts

  1. Write about something you think you are good at and tell why.
  2. When I’m at school, my favorite part of the day is…
  3. What is the best structure in the playground? Write a story about it.
  4. How do you practice being kind to others and yourself?
  5. What made you think that way when you felt the best about yourself?
  6. How do you decide if someone is going to be a good friend?
  7. If you could design the perfect playground, what would it include? What would be unique about it?
  8. Do you like surprises? Why or why not?
  9. What do you think makes people happy? Why?
  10. Do you believe in magic? What kind?
  11. What would it be like to be able to fly?
  12. What superhero would you be if you had a choice?
  13. Write a story about making a mistake.
  14. If you could invent anything for any purpose, what would it be? Describe it and its purpose.
  15. Who would you like to surprise and why? How would you plan to do it?
  16. If I were the teacher for the day, I would…
  17. What is the funniest thing you have ever seen? What happened?
  18.  How would the world be different if kids were in charge?
  19. What is your favorite color? How does it make you feel?
  20. One day when I woke up and opened my eyes, I saw…
  21. What would happen if you lived underwater?
  22. If time travel were possible, where in time would you go?
  23. What is your favorite holiday activity? You can pick any activity and holiday as long as you use detail.
  24. Write a story about a character who does something even though they know it is wrong. Explain the character’s motivation.
  25. Write a story about how you imagined the President was when he was a kid.
  26. Write a story about what you think life will be like when you are a grown-up.
  27.  Describe an animal in detail but do not name the animal.
  28. Write a story about something you find beautiful. Make the reader understand the beauty you see.
  29. If you could change any rule you know, what would it be, and how would you change it?
  30. What kind of art project is your favorite?
  31. Create a story that centers around what you think a car in the future will be like. Describe it in detail.
  32. Describe a day in the life of any animal you would like from the animal’s perspective.
  33. What is your favorite time of day? Use detail to explain why your choice.
  34. Describe an event in your life that holds deep meaning for you. What makes the event so special?
  35. What would you describe as the perfect place to read a good book?
  36. Are libraries still needed, or are they no longer as important as the internet?
  37. What is your favorite kind of junk food? Why?
  38. What type of dog is the best? Why do you think that about that dog?
  39. Describe a world where animals could talk. 
  40. One day walking home from school, I stumbled across…
  41. Write a story about the life of a balloon.
  42. Write a story about what happens when you’re scared. What happened to make you scared?
  43. What is your strategy when you have big feelings? How do you deal with them effectively?
  44. Describe a person who is helpful all the time.
  45. Write a story about your favorite vacation you’ve taken.
  46. What is your favorite place in the world? Describe in detail the place and also why it is your favorite.
  47. Write a story about running away to join the circus.
  48. Write a story about someone who gets angry easily and the trouble it can get them into.
  49. Write a story describing a family that doesn’t always get along, but who loves each other.
  50. What part of an ice cream sundae would you be? Explain why.
  51. Write a story about a magic treehouse. Describe everything about it and how the magic works.
  52. Would you instead be missing an arm or have an extra arm? What advantages or disadvantages come from this?
  53. What are your Halloween costume plans? Describe the costume.
  54. What would a world with no television be like?
  55. There is a knock at the door, and you open it to reveal a package in your name. When you open the package, you are surprised to find…
  56. What happens on the weekend at school when there are no kids there?
  57. If you could make anything you wanted from origami, what would you fold out of the paper?
  58. Write a story about someone who reads constantly.
  59. Describe what happens when a toy comes to life unexpectedly.
  60. Do you like to help around the house? Why is it important to do your part?
  61. Describe what it would be like to live in Candyland.
  62. What is your favorite thing to do at recess? Write a creative story about the activity you choose.
  63. What sport is the best? Why?
  64. If you could build anything out of Legos, what would you make and why?
  65. Describe your favorite way to eat veggies.
  66. What is your favorite day of the week, and why is that the day you chose?
  67. When you wake up one morning, you realize the world has been turned upside down, so you…
  68. What type of weather is your favorite? Write a story about a day with your favorite weather.
  69. What is your favorite outdoor activity and why?
  70. Write a story about having the power of invisibility.
  71. One day, I woke up, looked down, and instead of legs, I had…
  72. Describe how you would cheer someone up the best way you know how.
  73. Write an acrostic poem using the word “spatula.”
  74. What would you buy if you didn’t worry about money anymore?
  75. Describe a day in the life of the richest person on earth.
  76. Create a new civilization where they all follow the religion of Cheeto.
  77. How do thunderstorms make you feel and describe why?
  78. Create an alternate universe where there is something significantly different than the world we currently live in.
  79. What is your favorite song, and explain why that is?
  80. Write a story that uses rhyming words for the main character’s name.
  81. Write a story about your pet doing something that they wouldn’t usually be able to do.
  82. What would you do if you were in charge of school lunches?
  83. Describe what you think being the new kid at school would be like.
  84. Why do you think school is important? What examples do you have to support this?
  85. Create a new invention that solves some sort of problem in the world. 
  86. When I got to the top of the beanstalk, I looked around and I saw…
  87. The genie solemnly stated that I had only one wish, so I told him…
  88. If you designed a new school uniform, what would it look like and how would it be unique?
  89. Invent a new veggie and describe everything about it. How it looks and tastes and what other veggies it is related to.
  90. What do you plan to do when you grow up? Why do you want to do that?
  91. What would happen if your best friend turned into an owl?
  92. What food do you absolutely hate and why?
  93. Describe the day you met your best friend.
  94. How would the world be a different place if dogs were in charge and not people?
  95. What would the world be like if dinosaurs were not extinct?
  96. Would you rather the weather was hot or cold? Why do you feel that way?
  97. What was the last fight you got in about?
  98. When you grow up, do you think it is more or less complicated than being a kid?
  99. Is there ever a time when it is okay to tell a secret someone told you? Describe the situation where this is appropriate.
  100. Describe how you conquer your fears.
  101. Write a letter to your future self. Include any and all relevant information. 
  102. What are you responsible for at home?
  103. Can you describe your favorite school experience?
  104. What would you do if you found a live mouse inside your house? Use descriptive words and details.
  105. What person from history would you want to interview and why? Include questions you would ask.
  106. In what ways do you practice making being kind to others easy?
  107. Why would you invent a robot? What job would it be meant to do?
  108. Write a story about getting locked in the zoo overnight.
  109. Describe what animals do when everyone leaves the pet store for the day.
  110. When are you the happiest? Describe how and why this makes you happy.
  111. Write a story about sacrificing something for the benefit of others.
  112. Why do you believe school is the most important thing?
  113. Do you believe in the supernatural? What parts and why?
  114. What is your favorite thing that a family member cooks for you? Describe it.
  115. Why is it important to be able to communicate well with others?
  116. Do you believe motorcycles are safe? Explain your thinking.
  117. Is there a song you associate with a memory? 
  118. Create a commercial for your favorite toy. 
  119. What are the benefits of creative writing?
  120. Write a story about someone who gets writer’s block.
  121. What are the biggest benefits of being honest?
  122. Write a story about your favorite item. It can be anything as long as it is descriptive.
  123.  Write a story where the main character is an animal,
  124. Describe what happened on your perfect day.
  125. Create a short story starring one of your favorite characters from a movie.
  126. What things do you take with you on a trip, no matter what? 
  127. How long does it take you to get angry with someone?
  128. What advice do you give someone to make friends?
  129. Do thunderstorms scare you? 
  130. Create a story about your favorite superhero as a kid your age.
  131. When I get frustrated I…
  132. Who is your inspiration? What about them makes you feel this way?
  133. Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?
  134. Can you create a story about the alternate origin of something found everywhere that already has a purpose? 
  135. Create a new use for an old object. Be creative, as if you were inventing it for the first time.
  136. Write a story from the perspective of a dog having a dream.
  137. When I grow up, I am going to change the world by…
  138. Sometimes I can’t sleep because…
  139. The rain against the window woke me on a cold and windy night. Looking around, I saw…
  140. Describe the video game that you would create.
  141. If I met someone born yesterday, the first thing I would show them would be…
  142. When I feel anxious, I like to…
  143. How would you describe the beach to someone who had never heard of it?
  144. Do you like camping? Where is your favorite place to camp with your family?
  145. Describe the unique place you have ever been.
  146. Why is reading so important? What would you have trouble with if you could not read?
  147. Describe a family member in detail to someone who has never seen the family member before but needs to create an accurate portrait of them.
  148. Describe what you think your parents do when you aren’t home.
  149. If you could choose anyone, who would you want to switch places with for a day?
  150. Write a story about what the President does on his day off.
  151. Who is your favorite singer or band? Why do you like their music so much?
  152. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?
  153. Write a story about what you think one of your parents does at work all day.
  154. If I could have anything at all, it would be…
  155. Describe a sunset with as much detail as possible.
  156. Write a story about how you solved the case of the chicken crossing the road.
  157. Explain why we creatively have rules. It doesn’t have to be why we have rules, it just needs to be original.
  158. What type of cuisine is your favorite, and describe your favorite dish as if you were explaining it to someone who had never heard of it before.
  159. What is the best dessert?
  160. Would you rather play a board game or a card game? Why?
  161. Choose the slowest animal you can think of and tell a story about what would happen if they were suddenly super fast.
  162. Rewrite “Tortoise and the Hare” so that the Hare wins and describe what happens afterward.
  163. Why is compassion important?
  164. Have you ever gotten in trouble? What did you learn? How has it helped you?
  165. Describe a cartoon character you would like to meet and why.
  166. Do you think that toast always lands butter-side down?
  167. Write a story with a lead character that has a unique name. How does it affect them?
  168. Have you ever been bullied? Has it affected you in any way?
  169. Is there any sport that you don’t understand?
  170. Do you believe kids should be able to make all their own decisions?
  171. Define a scientific concept and then apply it to a story.
  172. What would you do if you got the wrong haircut?
  173. Who is your favorite television personality?
  174. Why is eating right important to be healthy?
  175. Why is it wrong to assume you know something if you don’t? Describe a time when an assumption got you into a sticky situation.
  176. Describe your favorite family activity.
  177. Create an alternate universe and describe what your family would be like there.
  178. Write about a day in your life as a grown-up, or what you imagine it would be like.
  179. Why is school attendance so important? How does it help with learning?
  180. Do you like homework? Why or why not?
  181. Chocolate vs. Vanilla. Choose a flavor and argue why your choice is better than the other option. 
  182. What type of animal would make a terrible pet? Write a story about if that animal were your pet.
  183. What would happen if suddenly the world had no technology? Write about this event.
  184. When I get older, I am going to give back to society by…
  185. I love the rain because…
  186. Create a plan for your house in case there is an emergency. Why is this an important thing to do?
  187. Write a story that includes a pizza, a basketball hoop, and a walrus.
  188. Can you tell a story about something that happened, but add your details?
  189. What are 3 things you would never give up and why?
  190. What makes you different from others? How is this important to you?
  191. What is the most important thing you have learned in the last month?
  192. What day of the week is your favorite?
  193. Describe what your perfect birthday party would be like.
  194. “Don’t grow up. It’s a trap.” Describe what happens when you figure out the meaning behind this saying.
  195. What activity do you do that you enjoy most and why?
  196. Write a story about a character who is extremely forgetful.
  197. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? Why is that?
  198. I looked around, and everything seemed extra large. I realized I had been shrunk somehow. Now, I was going to have to figure out how to…
  199. One day I woke up, and I suddenly had wings. Now I could…
  200. What historical figure would you like to be able to interview? What questions would you ask and why?
  201. Write a story with the main character, who is a robot.
  202. How would the world be different if dinosaurs were not extinct?
  203. Do you have a happy place in your house? Describe it and what you like to do there.
  204. Write a story about a world that moves in the opposite direction of ours.
  205. Create a new game that has some learning aspect to it. What would it be called?
  206. What is the funniest thing that your parents do?
  207. This year I will try new things. The first thing I will try is…
  208. When I went to look inside the treasure chest, I opened the lid and saw that inside was…
  209. When I dug a hole as deep as I could when I got to the bottom, I was surprised to find that…
  210. What do you think the world will be like in 100 years? Write a story where your idea is the setting. 
  211. One day I found a door in a wall I had never noticed before. When I opened it I was amazed to find that behind it was…
  212. This is the year that I will…
  213. Write a story about a teacher who cannot stay awake to teach the class.
  214. Choose an item that means a lot to you and write a story about it.
  215. Write a story about the time aliens landed in your neighbor’s yard.
  216. If you had a garden that grew magical plants, describe what you would grow and how the magic works.
  217. Describe a person and their discovery of a magical portal.
  218. Describe the funniest thing you can think of.
  219. Write a story with the main character looking for friends.
  220. Please create a new subject for school and describe what it involves and why it’s needed.
  221. What if there was a machine that could control the weather?
  222. What is your favorite animal and why?
  223. Describe a day in the life of a superhero with powers involving math.
  224. Describe what the perfect birthday cake would look like.
  225. How would you petition the school for more recess?
  226. By law, kids have to be in school. Write an explanation of why.
  227. What are your favorite cookies, and what makes them great?
  228. Write a story about solving a mystery.
  229.  Describe something that you’re looking forward to.
  230. What would happen if your kite carried you away?
  231. Describe what living on the moon would be like.
  232. What would you call a holiday for laughter, and what would it involve?
  233. What would it be like to be your cat’s assistant for the day? Describe it.
  234. What happens if a science experiment goes entirely out of control?
  235. Describe funny but lovable neighbors. What makes them great?
  236. What would be the worst superpower to have?
  237. What happens when Santa gets stuck, and the reindeer have to rescue him from the chimney?
  238. What would you be famous for?
  239. Describe a character who survives a shipwreck.
  240. Write a story as if you were a family pet observing people all day.
  241. Describe an invention to make homework disappear.
  242. What would happen if it rained food instead of water?
  243. What would you do with mind-reading powers?
  244. What would you create if asked to make a new ice cream flavor?
  245. Think of your favorite sound and create an instrument to make that sound.
  246. What would a school of fish be like if it were an actual school?
  247. Write a story about having magic shoes.
  248. That day, when I jumped into a rain puddle, I fell through and found myself…
  249. Can you explain the reason that math is important?
  250. Write the autobiography of your evil twin.
  251. Write the story of the world’s most mediocre superhero.
  252. Create an alternate universe where people walk on their hands.
  253. Do you think that school should start later?
  254. What is the benefit of PE during school?
  255. What would life be like if no one was coordinated at all?
  256. What would you do with the extra time you gained if you didn’t have to sleep anymore?
  257. Write a story about what growing up in a different era would have been like.
  258. What if stuffed animals could talk?
  259. Write a story about what happened when a man with a fishing pole visited the aquarium.
  260. Can you explain why chores are essential?
  261. Describe your favorite color for a blind person who has never seen it.
  262. Write a story as if you were a submarine and explain your submarine thoughts.
  263. What TV show have you learned the most important lessons from?
  264. Describe life in a world without gravity.
  265. Create the perfect town and then write a story about someone who doesn’t fit in coming to town.
  266. Write the best story about a haunted house that you can come up with.
  267. Write your autobiography.
  268. What was your favorite thing you learned in school last year?
  269. What thing would you like to collect?
  270. What is your favorite part about the rain?
  271. Can you describe teaching someone something essential and how it made you feel?
  272. What is the best part of doing something nice for someone else?
  273. Write a story including the words fluidity, hamburger, and trailblazer.
  274. What car do you see yourself driving when you get your license? 
  275. Why is laughter the best medicine?
  276. Create your amusement park and describe all the rides you would have.
  277. Describe an adventure with an imaginary friend.
  278. Describe the best way to spend the day at home.
  279. Describe a perfect beach day.
  280. Do you prefer dogs or cats? Why?
  281. Describe something you think is scary.
  282. Why do we have laws and rules? Why do you think that?
  283. What is your favorite pizza?
  284. Describe a dog’s best day ever.
  285. What makes your mom the best mom?
  286. What do you plan to study when you grow up? Why?
  287. What is your favorite movie and why?
  288. You wake up one day and are somewhere totally unfamiliar. What do you do?
  289. Write a story about being lost. 
  290. How would you change school if you could change any one thing?
  291. Describe what you think a world without money would be like.
  292. Write an acrostic poem using your name and make it about you.
  293. What is your very favorite time of year and why?
  294. What does it mean if you have a great imagination?
  295. In what ways do you like to be creative?
  296. Describe three things about school that are not your favorite and why.
  297. When I grow up, my goal is to…
  298. Write a letter to George Washington.
  299. How would you change the world if you had the power to do so?
  300. I walked into my yard and saw a dinosaur. I immediately…
  301. Describe your most embarrassing moment.
  302. What would you grow in your vegetable garden and why?
  303. What are the three best qualities a friend needs to have?
  304. Describe your dream house.
  305. What five rules have you broken, and why did you do it?
  306. Write a story about the power going out.
  307. Describe what would happen if you forgot your shoes and went to school.
  308. Describe your very favorite outfit.
  309. What makes your dad the best dad?
  310. When do you feel the most worried?
  311. What is the most unusual talent you possess?
  312. Who is your favorite founding father, and why?
  313. What is conservation, and why is it important?
  314. Why do we need to take care of the planet?
  315. Write a story about a superhero who loves to recycle.
  316. What cartoon character would you be?
  317. Write a story about a day in the life of a plant.
  318. What do you help with around the house, and why?
  319. Do you believe that everyone should know how to cook?
  320. Convince your parents to get you something you want.
  321. Can you convince 10 people of something that is not the truth?
  322. Do you believe that Cinderella was a natural person?
  323. Who is your favorite artist or author?
  324. Write about a challenge you had to overcome.
  325. How is being angry counterproductive?
  326. Do you think that cursive writing should still be taught in school?
  327. What is something that frustrates you?
  328. Do you think living forever is a good thing?
  329. What kind of ocean animal would you be and why?
  330. What have you learned from playing a sport?
  331. Describe why winning isn’t everything.
  332. Who is your favorite sports team?
  333. What is your most unusual habit or ritual?
  334. Describe a superstition you have.
  335. Is technology in the classroom important?
  336. What would you change about yourself if you had a chance?
  337. What isn’t usually taught in school that you would like to learn?
  338. Do you know what the definition of perseverance is?
  339. What is your favorite candy and why?
  340. Is there any music you can’t stand? Why?
  341.  Argue which came first, the chicken or the egg.
  342. Describe a pet peeve you have. 
  343. How do you show that you are kind to others?
  344. Describe a disaster in the kitchen with details.
  345. What animal would you have for a pet if you had anything, real or imaginary?
  346. What is your favorite colloquialism?
  347. Who is your favorite athlete, and why?
  348. Pick a color and describe it as a person.
  349. What is your favorite number and why?
  350. Can you describe a sport you don’t like and why?
  351. What would you put into a time capsule to relate essential things about our time?
  352. Can you be sneaky? Does it come in handy if you are?
  353. Is there a “worst thing” about the internet?
  354. Do you think that giving to charity should be mandatory?
  355. Where would you live if you could live anywhere you wanted?
  356. How would your friends describe you to strangers?
  357. Would you rather be unique or like everyone else, and why?
  358.  Do you believe one number looks better for more resources?
  359. How has school shaped who you are?
  360. Why is it important to be a good person?
  361. Who is the most beautiful person you know? Why?
  362. Do you think you’re a good loser?
  363. What is the worst thing about the internet?
  364. What is your favorite joke? Why?
  365. Would you change your name if you could? Why or why not?                                                      

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