41 Character Development Writing Prompts

Character development is as vital in stories as it is for the lives we live every day. Events, reactions to them, and how they affect us all change and shape who we are as people and our story characters.

Your students can apply these prompts to themselves or a favorite character. Watch your students learn about themselves as they use the prompts.

How to use these

This list is exceptionally well utilized through random assignments to students or pulling prompts out of a hat.

Students can also pick a favorite prompt from the list or even try allowing them to assign prompts to each other and see what that might lead to. 

Character Prompts

  1. Describe what the worst day ever would be for you.
  2. Can you describe your favorite movie and explain why? Did you learn anything from the film?
  3. Describe something that makes you unique.
  4. Write a story as if you were a superhero.
  5. Describe your favorite thing to do with your mom after school.
  6. Name one thing you would like to improve about yourself and why?
  7. Can you describe yourself in five words or less? What words did you choose? Why do they represent you?
  8. If you were President, what would you do?
  9. What is your favorite food and why?
  10. Pretend that you are the teacher in class today. What would you be able to help the other students learn?
  11. Name one thing that you think you’re great at doing.
  12. If you could invent something to fix anything in the world, what problem would you want to improve, and why is it important?
  13. Do you believe in magic and mythical creatures? What about them makes them real to you?
  14. Is there something you enjoy that you don’t know anyone else who does? Then, try and convince someone why they should try it.
  15. Write a letter to your future self. Include things that you think are the most important about you right now.
  16. Pick something you feel strongly about and write a paragraph or two to convince someone else of your opinion.
  17. What historical event would you travel back in time to visit and why?
  18.  What is your favorite memory from the last three years, and why is it important to you?
  19. What are the three most essential qualities for a person to possess? Why?
  20.  What problem would you solve if you had a magic lamp and three wishes?
  21. What advice would you give you from this same time last year? Why?
  22. Where is your favorite place to visit? Describe it.
  23. Who would you meet if you could meet any person and why?
  24. What is your favorite way to express yourself?
  25. Do you wish that you could redo something in your life? How would you change it?
  26. If you won the lottery, what would you do first? 
  27. Write a story about your favorite pet. Describe what you think your pet does all day when you’re at school.
  28. How do you make decisions about important things? Describe your method.
  29. Do you want to be a parent? Why or why not?
  30. Do you believe that miracle can happen? What makes you believe this?
  31. Who is your favorite athlete? Explain how they inspire you.
  32. What is your favorite book? Can you describe the main character?
  33. What are you most scared of and why?
  34. Would you choose an airplane or a helicopter? Why?
  35. Do adults ever make mistakes? What happens when they do?
  36. Why is it important to be accountable?
  37. What do you think teachers do on Saturdays?
  38. What is your favorite sport? What makes you like it so much?
  39. Write a story from the eyes of one of your family members?
  40. Describe what you consider to be your greatest achievement.
  41. Name one thing you can’t wait to do when you’re older? Why is that what you look forward to?

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