50 Writing Prompts for the 100th Day of School

It can seem like it takes forever to get to the 100th day of school. 

Think about all the things that have changed. The compelling advances over those days can fuel the fire in a young writer.

Here are prompts to help reflect on that, and more.  Use these prompts to help students get creative.

How to use these

Try having the kids pick a number between 1 and 100 and assign each prompt to two numbers.

Have your students each make a list of 100 things, then have another student pick the prompts for them. 

There are many opportunities to use these prompts to get creatively writing.

The prompts

  1. Imagine yourself at 100, and describe yourself.
  2. What do you think the world will be like in 100 days?
  3. What will the world be like in 100 years?
  4. Imagine an activity you do now, but at 100.  How will it be different?
  5. What would not taking a bath for 100 days. Describe it. 
  6. Imagine a place 100 miles away.  What would your perfect place be like and describe it.
  7. Can you think of anything you could eat 100 of? Write a story about it.
  8. What’s your favorite animal? What would it be like to have 100 of them?
  9. What would you do with $100?
  10. Write 100 words about a family member.
  11. Do you know 100 adjectives?  Write them down, pick two favorites and use them in a short story.
  12. Plan a 100th day celebration.  What would it include? Why?
  13. Describe your favorite thing 100 years from now.
  14. What would your favorite activity be like 100 years in the past?
  15. Do you know what it was like 100 years ago? Describe what you think.
  16. Can you name 100 acts of kindness?
  17. What can you do in 100 minutes or less? Describe it.
  18. What would you have 100 of? Write a story about it.
  19. How many words can you write out of One Hundred Days? Pick a couple and write a story.
  20. What is something you would never want 100 of? Why?
  21. Do you know 100 people? Why is that good or bad?
  22. Have you done anything 100 times? Describe it and why you have done it many times. 
  23. Describe something that 100 of is tiny. 
  24. Describe something that 100 of are massive.
  25. Write a story about a place called 100-ville.
  26. What would you never want 100 of? Why?
  27. What do you do when to get 100 on a test? Describe how it feels.
  28. Do you have 100 of anything? What and why?
  29. When you’re 100 describe what your favorite memories will be.
  30. Have you read 100 books? Describe your favorite book in 100 words.
  31.  Write a story about spending 100 days lost in the woods.
  32. Write a story about 100 stuck in your room.
  33. What can you do continuously for 100 minutes? How?
  34. Can you tell 100 facts about your family? Name as many as possible.
  35. What is your favorite thing that has happened in the first 100 days of school?
  36. Is there anything you would like to change about the first 100 days of school?
  37. Do you do anything 100 percent of the time? What and Why?
  38. Can you name 100 famous people? Name as many as you can and then pick two to write a story about, even if they weren’t alive at the same time.
  39. Name the most important thing you can think of from the last 100 years. Why is it important?
  40. Write a letter to yourself at 100.
  41. What do you think your mom and dad will look like at 100?
  42. Do you know anyone who is 100? If you don’t make up a story about what you imagine them to be like.
  43. Can you describe what would happen if 100 birds flew into the school cafeteria?
  44. What would 100 sharks look like? Would you be scared?
  45. Name your favorite building over 100 feet tall and write a story about it. 
  46. Can you imagine what living 100 feet underwater would be like? Describe it.
  47. Do you have 100 of anything? Describe it and tell why it is important.
  48. What would happen if you drank 100 cups of water? 
  49. Do you know any babies? What are babies like at 100 days older,
  50. If you could do 100 things for someone who would it be and why?

Looking for More?

Our website has plenty more prompts for you to use with your students. Take a look around (and don’t forget to bookmark!) for thousands of choices. 

Have something to share? Please reach out, we value any contributions and will see if we can use it.  Good luck!