45 Easter Writing Prompts

Easter happens every Spring. It is a time that reminds us that the Earth will always refresh with new growth and beauty.

Baby bunnies and ducks give us the giggles in watching their discovery of a new world and its wonder.

The Easter bunny, chicks, and eggs are a treat for us to look forward to on this splendid holiday.

The festivities and spring give you plenty of ways to use Easter prompts for a delightful story.

Using the prompts:

Prompts open our minds to be creative and have fun sharing our thoughts on certain subjects.

Easter has hundreds of expressions of joy and wonder. These can include family gatherings, Easter egg hunts, and colorful baskets filled with candy and chocolate.

Select a few of your favorites from below and create your own special story.

Awesome Easter prompts:

  1. Why are Easter eggs colored? 
  2. If you could change anything about Easter, what would it be?
  3. What type of fruit and vegetables remind you of Easter?
  4. What smells remind you of Easter and why?
  5. What is your favorite memory of Easter?
  6. How old are Peeps? Are they only seen at Easter time?
  7. What is a Peeps diorama?
  8. Are there certain flowers that remind you of Easter?
  9. If you chased the Easter bunny, where would you find yourself?
  10. Where does the Easter bunny live after Easter is over?
  11. What happens to the decorated eggs after Easter?
  12. Can you paint faces on Easter eggs? What would a good face look like?
  13. Have you ever found an Easter egg after Easter is over?
  14. What candy do you hope to find in your Easter basket?
  15. Do you decorate your home at Easter time? Name some ways to make your home festive.
  16. What colors remind you of Easter?
  17. Who stole the golden Easter egg? Write a mystery story about the disappearance.
  18. Does the Easter bunny know Santa Claus?
  19. Is there an Easter tradition in your family?
  20. What songs remind you of Easter and why?
  21. Write about the best Easter egg hunt.
  22. Do other countries celebrate Easter?
  23. Does Easter always fall on a Sunday?
  24. What would happen if Easter were canceled?
  25. Do you have a favorite story about Easter?
  26. How do you prepare an egg to decorate for Easter?
  27. Do chicks and bunnies live in eggs?
  28. Who would cover for the Easter bunny if he/she got sick?
  29. What is your favorite Easter breakfast?
  30. Is red an Easter color? Should it be?
  31. Do we give gifts at Easter?
  32. What are some good outdoor games to play on Easter?
  33. What is a good prize to find in an Easter egg?
  34. Write a fairy tale that involves Easter characters.
  35. Why do Spring and Easter go together so well?
  36. Have you heard of Easter taffy? What flavors do they come in?
  37. If you received a pet on Easter, what would it be?
  38. Have you ever helped bake and decorate a cake for Easter?
  39. Does a rainy day have to ruin the Easter holiday? What indoor activities can be played on a rainy Easter?
  40. Someone stole your Easter basket. Write a story about the mysterious disappearance and how you were able to find it.
  41. You find a baby bird in a nest on the ground. What would you do?
  42. Use your favorite cartoon character and write a story about planning an Easter dinner with friends.
  43. Have you ever celebrated Easter away from home?
  44. Draw and color a scene that reminds you of Easter. Add a story or poem that describes your thoughts. 
  45. Ask your mom or dad about their childhood Easter and compare it to yours. 

Use your imagination and take an idea from this list of prompts to create a story. Your point of view and thoughts on this favorite holiday will intrigue readers to stop and think about Easter. Easter means many things to different people. Sharing your experiences or interesting stories can bring new and pleasing insights to this much-loved day. 

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