45 Father’s Day Writing Prompts

However many dads are in your world, it’s important to let the father figures in your life know that they are loved and appreciated.

Father’s Day is the perfect way to express just how much they mean to you, and we’ve whipped up a list of prompts to help you figure out the best way to spend Father’s Day this year.

Using This List

You can use this list however you’d like. The point is to get you thinking about Father’s Day and writing about it as well as you can.

If you’re not sure where to get started, try one of these tips:

  • Ask your dad to pick a number between 1 and 45.
  • Count how many jokes your dad tells in one day. Use that number to pick your prompt.
  • Challenge yourself to write once a day, every day, for a week.

The Prompts

  1. How do you plan to spend Father’s Day?
  2. What is your favorite thing about your dad?
  3. Write an acrostic poem using the word “father”.
  4. What is your favorite story your dad has told you?
  5. If your dad was a superhero, what would his power be? What would his superhero name be?
  6. What is your favorite thing to do with your dad?
  7. Write a short story or poem about Father’s Day using the following words: strong, wonder, time, morning
  8. What is the most important lesson your dad has taught you?
  9. If you could do one big, special thing for your dad—anything in the world—what would it be?
  10. What is your dad’s favorite pastime?
  11. Write a letter to your father thanking him for something he’s done for you lately.
  12. Do you think there’s a difference between a “dad” and a “father”?
  13. What is something your dad does that makes you laugh?
  14. How can you celebrate your grandfather on Father’s Day?
  15. What do you think is the hardest part about being a father?
  16. What do you think is the easiest thing about being a father?
  17. What are some stereotypical “dad things” that your father does?
  18. What is your earliest memory of your dad?
  19. What is one thing you hope to learn from your dad someday?
  20. Write a poem or short story about your dad using the following words: parent, teach, yes, up
  21. Does your dad prefer to barbecue or to order out?
  22. Describe your father’s fashion sense. Do you like how he dresses or do you wish he dressed differently?
  23. What is one thing you wish your dad knew about you?
  24. Write a story about a kid who wakes up to find that their dad is also a kid again.
  25. What is your favorite “dad joke”? Why?
  26. What is your favorite thing to do with your dad on the weekends?
  27. What is a smell that reminds you of your dad?
  28. Why do you think Father’s Day is important?
  29. What is something that your dad is really good at cooking?
  30. What is a story from your father’s childhood that you’ve heard from your grandparents?
  31. How do you feel when you think about your dad?
  32. Write about your dad using your five senses.
  33. Write a silly acrostic poem using the words “dad joke”.
  34. In what ways do you hope to be like your father someday? How do you hope to be different?
  35. How does your father encourage you?
  36. Do you have a favorite Father’s Day memory?
  37. What is your relationship like with your grandfather? With your uncle(s)?
  38. Describe your favorite photo of you and your dad.
  39. How is your father like your grandfather? How are they different?
  40. Write a story about a dog who wants to celebrate his human’s Father’s Day.
  41. Take a favorite memory with your dad and turn it into a fictional adventure.
  42. Do you have another father figure in your life? Write a letter thanking them for being there for you.
  43. Write a poem or short story about your dad using the following words: burger, laugh, game, work
  44. If you could have a fictional father as your dad, who would you pick? Why?
  45. What is something that always makes you think of your dad?

Want More Prompts?

We’ve got you covered. We have loads of prompts and activities to keep you writing every day!

We’ve also got resources for parents and guardians, so they can help you be the best writer you can be.

If you’re looking for something specific but you can’t find it, let us know. We love hearing all of your creative ideas!