43 Friday Writing Prompts

Friday is the end of the week and signals the beginning of the weekend. Let your students be creative and write freely with these fantastic Friday Prompts.

These should be a fun way to end the week and are more about the Friday mood than the day itself.

Let the kids be kids with these prompts on the lighter side and a perfect way to ease into the weekend.

How to use

These prompts would be great to employ as a journal prompt on Fridays.

You could also assign them as homework on Thursday to bring in and share on Friday.

Let the kids decide what prompts they want to write about to encourage them to be invested in their work. Give them a reason to be proactive and write well with these fun prompts.

Friday Prompts

  1. What is the best part of Friday?
  2. Compare and contrast what you do on a Friday to any other day of the week. 
  3. What is your favorite way to spend a weekend afternoon? Why? 
  4. Describe your favorite animal. Don’t forget to include the reasons why and great descriptions.
  5. What did you learn this week? What was your favorite thing that you learned?
  6. Do you do anything special at the end of the week? Describe what you do?
  7. Is there a meal your family only eats on the weekend? What makes it unique?
  8. Describe your perfect weekend.
  9. Write a story about a character named Friday.
  10. What inspires you to be a better person? Why?
  11. Do you believe that teachers should give homework on the weekend? Why or why not? Support your reasoning.
  12. Write about a unique family memory.
  13. Make a list of the top ten things to do over the weekend.
  14. Write a thank-you letter to a friend or family member for something that made you happy this week.
  15. Describe the weather on your perfect day.
  16. Would you rather read a book or write one? Why?
  17. Do you have a family pet? Write a story about an adventure they go on while you’re at school.
  18. Write a creative story about school.
  19. Write a letter to yourself 10 years in the future. Include the things you hope to do and what your goals are.
  20. Describe your best friend in a way that would let a reader know about them.
  21. Use facts and truthful reasons to convince your parents why you should be allowed to sleep over at your friend’s house this weekend.
  22. Write a story about adopting a shelter pet.
  23. Rewrite a favorite scene in a book you’ve read in class. 
  24. Write a story about a Friday and what might happen.
  25. What is your favorite summer activity?
  26. Do you have a favorite spot in your house? Describe it.
  27. What is the best time of the day and why?
  28. Is there something you would change about your school? Why?
  29. Do you like dogs or cats better? Use facts to back your argument.
  30. Compare and contrast talking on the phone and text messaging.
  31. Create a city in the clouds moving around the sky to different places.
  32. What do you want to do when you are out of school? Why?
  33. Do you have any ideas that would make a good cartoon? Describe it.
  34. What is the most exciting thing you learned on the internet in the last month? 
  35. Is there a skill you wish you had? Why?
  36. What would you be famous for? It can be anything.
  37. Write a story about a person who is normal except for one characteristic. It can be anything age-appropriate.
  38. Do you have a secret talent? Describe something no one knows you can do.
  39. Write a story about a family that is opposite to your family. 
  40. Write a story about switching places with someone for a day. Don’t forget to explain why that person was your choice for a switch.
  41. Write a story about a world with no chocolate.
  42. Write a funny story about a cow that a family of wolves adopts. 
  43. Write a story with as many words starting with an ‘F’ as possible.

Can’t Get Enough?

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