41 Informational Writing Prompts

As students get more comfortable with writing, it’s important that they also learn that their words can make an impact.

Teaching them to research and form their own thoughts in elementary school will give them important skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

We’ve put together a list of informational writing prompts to make your students think a little harder, do some research, and form opinions based on what they’ve learned and what they already know.

Using This Guide

This writing guide is for you to use in whatever way makes sense to you to inspire your writing or that of your class.

As long as your students are writing, that’s all that matters. But if you’re looking for a few creative ways to encourage students to use this guide, here are some ideas:

  • Have students pick a number from a hat or jar.
  • Challenge students to use one writing prompt every day for one school week.
  • Have students count the number of letters in their full name. This will be the prompt number they use.
  • Have each student tell the person to their right which prompt they should use.

The Writing Prompts

  1. Write about the responsibilities your school’s principal might have.
  2. Write about why it is important to do what we can to protect and conserve the environment.
  3. Explain how communication has changed in the last 25 years.
  4. Research the national disaster that scares you the most. What would you do to keep safe in the event of that disaster?
  5. In detail, describe what it’s like to go camping.
  6. Why is it important for people to know more than one language?
  7. Write about the responsibilities that a soccer coach might have.
  8. Explain why taking care of your teeth is important to your overall health.
  9. Compare and contrast your favorite superhero and their most powerful enemy.
  10. Why do kids have to wear a helmet when they ride a scooter or bike?
  11. Which mode of transportation makes you feel safest? Why?
  12. Which mode of transportation is your least favorite? Why?
  13. Explain the rules of your favorite board game to someone who has never played it before.
  14. Compare and contrast chess and checkers. Which game do you prefer? Why?
  15. Write an essay titled “How to Survive 4th Grade”.
  16. Describe, in great detail, your favorite family activity or tradition.
  17. Why is it a bad idea to eat junk food all day?
  18. Explain how you would help a friend who is being bullied.
  19. Pick a natural disaster and write about its causes and effects.
  20. Write about how to prepare your ideal ice cream sundae.
  21. Describe what happens before, during, and after a spacewalk on the International Space Station.
  22. Compare and contrast your two favorite holidays.
  23. Write about the history of your town. What makes it unique?
  24. Compare and contrast your favorite food and your least favorite food.
  25. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?
  26. There are a few subjects in school, like math and history, that students are required to learn. Why is it so important to learn the core subjects?
  27. Write about a prominent Black woman in history.
  28. If you plan an instrument, write about how you play and care for it.
  29. What is the greatest thing since sliced bread?
  30. Describe the process of getting ready for school in the morning.
  31. Pick an interesting insect and write about it.
  32. Research and write about one form of technology you don’t think you could live without.
  33. Why is it important for people to get plenty of exercise?
  34. Explain how two very different people could become friends.
  35. Discuss the importance of self-care. How do you practice self-care?
  36. Why is it important for students to try to attend school every day?
  37. Describe the process of making your favorite snack.
  38. Why are eSports becoming such a popular pastime?
  39. Describe your ideal family vacation. Write your itinerary for each day.
  40. Give someone directions from your house to the nearest grocery store.
  41. Describe in detail one of your parent’s occupations.

Looking For More?

We have plenty of writing prompts and resources for students and the adults in their lives.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know! We love finding new ways to encourage young writers.