41 Writing Prompts About Thursday

Thursday is an often overlooked day of the week. These prompts are an attempt at making it a bit more memorable. 

With prompts concerning the day, as well as themes for Thursday writing, these prompts should help Thursdays become a day worth looking forward to.

Use the prompts to inspire and get creative with your students.

How to Use

A fun way to use these prompts would be to have one as the writing assignment for Thursday.

Or have students assign prompts to one another?

You could even randomly assign them or pull names out of a hat and let the students pick prompts in the order you draw their names.

Thursday Writing Prompts

  1. Throwback Thursday: Write about a favorite memory and tell what it means to you.
  2. Throwback Thursday: Write a story about traveling back in time.
  3. Why do you think Thursday is underrated? Do you agree?
  4. Three Things Thursday: Three things that you love about you.
  5. Three Things Thursday: Three things that you really enjoy doing with friends.
  6. Three Things Thursday: Three things that make you smile the most.
  7. Three Things Thursday: Three things you love about your family.
  8. Turbocharge your day and describe something you like that goes fast.
  9. Write a letter telling someone why you’re thankful for them. 
  10. Use the word Thursday and create as many words from it as possible.
  11. Write a letter to your mom and be thoughtful about the things you say to her. Make it count. 
  12. Think about it Thursday: Think about a solution to some problem affecting people everywhere.
  13. Think about how we could solve the drought problems across the globe.
  14. Write your won theme song for Theme Song Thursday.
  15. Write a story with a main character who has a ‘T’ name.
  16. Write a story about one person being thoughtful towards another.
  17. This or That? Peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese? Why?
  18. What is your favorite frozen drink on a thirsty Thursday?
  19. Think outside the box and write a story about a tree that talks.
  20. Write a story that starts: “Today is the day that…”
  21. Write a story about tolerance and explain why it is so important to have. 
  22. Write an acrostic poem using the word Thursday.
  23. What makes a Thursday a terrific day?
  24. Write a story with a main character having a terrific day.
  25. Write a story that has as many nouns that start with ‘T’ in it as you can think of.
  26. What kinds of activities would you get a thumbs up on Thursday award for?
  27. Write a story that teaches the reader something new. Make it something you’re excellent at.
  28. Think of a theme, like the beach, or space, that would make the classroom more interesting and then write a plan for how to make it work for your classroom.
  29. Write down the hardest part of your week. Once you’re done, you can “throw it out” and not let it bother you anymore.
  30. Think about it Thursday: Think about when you have gotten in the most trouble, why was the thing you did so bad, when looking back at it in the past.
  31. Three Things Thursday: Name three things that you really like about your favorite place.
  32. Compare Thursday to another day of the week.  What makes each unique, and is one day better than the other?
  33. What do you think that you can do with a million dollars? Why would you choose that?
  34. How do you feel about Thursday? Why? 
  35. Is Thursday the day that got forgotten? Write the story of how that happened.
  36. This or That? Ice Cream or Cake? Why did you choose what you did?
  37. Write a theme song for your class and make sure to include your teacher at the classroom leader.
  38. Write a story about a Thursday where the thermometers all broke because it was way too hot.
  39. Write a story about a thrilling adventure. It can be real or made up.
  40. Create a title and the first few paragraphs of the novel titled “The Thursday Tortoise Team.”
  41. Write a story where none of the characters has thumbs.

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