41 Writing Prompts about Tuesday

Are Tuesdays a good day or not?  Maybe a few writing prompts can help get creative with your students and their writing.

Try these prompts about Tuesday and Tuesday themes to try a different way of inspiring kids.

There are many ways to apply these prompts and hopefully they can inspire great writing to flow forth!  Try out a topic or a more specific prompt and see what happens.

How to Use

You can randomly assign these prompts in some manner. 

You could also have students pick a number or use one of these as a whiteboard topical discussion every Tuesday for the entire school year.  They are also great to assign to kids in pairs and compare and contrast the two responses.

There are lots of way to help kids create with these prompts – as long as the words start coming then it’s a success in our eyes!

Tuesday Prompts

  1. Describe the best Tuesday you ever had.
  2. Create a story about a person with a “T” name and what they do every Tuesday.
  3. Do you like Tuesdays? Why or why not?
  4. Taco Tuesday: write about your favorite Mexican food to eat.
  5. Describe the worst Tuesday you’ve ever had.
  6. When was your birthday on a Tuesday? Describe that birthday in a short story.
  7. Write a story about what you did last Tuesday.
  8. Write a story about a fantastic creature that is named Tuesday.
  9. Write a story about a superhero named Teddy Tuesday.
  10. Can you describe the perfect Tuesday? What is it like? Describe all the details.
  11. Time Travel Tuesday: what time would you travel to?
  12. Time Travel Tuesday: would you rather go back to see the dinosaurs or forward to see the future? Why?
  13. Time Travel Tuesday: Describe an even you would time travel to and change. Why?
  14. Write a story about every day being Tuesday.
  15. Write a story about a week without a Tuesday.
  16. How important are Tuesdays? Why do you think that?
  17. What would a new name for Tuesday be? Write a story about it.
  18. Topic Tuesday: Pick a class topic you’ve been studying and write a creative story.
  19. What is every Tuesday were a minimum day? What would that world be like?
  20. Two for one Tuesday: what would you like to get two for the price of one? Why?
  21. What is your favorite food starting with a T? Write a story about eating it on Tuesday?
  22. Tuesdays are fro tree-climbing. Describe why in a short story.
  23. Write about a world where Tuesday comes after Friday.
  24. Create story where Tuesday is an adjective. 
  25. What about Tuesday makes you uncomfortable? Make something up or not, just explain your answer.
  26. Creatively write a story titled “Terrible Tuesday”.
  27. Write a story with the title “Tuesday Two-day.”
  28. Write something about “the trouble with Tuesday.” Make it creative as possible.
  29. Tuesdays are for….  Finish the prompt and write a story to go with it.
  30. Tuesday Travel: write a story about traveling anywhere, as long as it is on a Tuesday.
  31. Write a creative story about the meaning of Tuesday, except make up a new meaning entirely.
  32. Write a story about what you think your parents do every Tuesday at work,
  33. Describe what it would be like if the week started on Tuesday instead of Monday.
  34. Write about an alien arrival on a Tuesday. Why did they choose Tuesday?
  35. How would you explain what Tuesday is to someone who has no knowledge of the days of the week or how we keep time?
  36. Time Tuesday: what happens when you’re late somewhere? Do things go wrong when your not on time?
  37. Time Tuesday: what is your favorite way to pass time? Why?
  38. TV Tuesday: what would the world be like without television?
  39. Try it out Tuesday: name one new thing you want to try. Why is that what you picked?
  40. Imagine if Tuesdays were only once a month instead of once a week. How do you think things would change?
  41. Take a Tuesday time-out and wrote about the last time you got into serious trouble. What did you learn?

Looking for More Classroom Ideas?

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