33 Presidents Day Writing Prompts

The Presidents of the United States are well honored by the federal holiday when we celebrate them and their achievements.

In the United States, Presidents serve as the symbol of our nation and represent the people as they try to do what they believe is best for the country.

These writing prompts honor their sacrifices and commitment to the greater good and should help students remember and appreciate the uniqueness of the United States today.

Using the Prompts

These are good prompts to have students pull out of a jar randomly as they are more historically based, opinion-type topics.

It could also be helpful to assign the prompts to pairs, depending on the age of the students, as there could be a lot of information to gather and apply.

Either way, these are fun and informative and should be well received by students.

Presidents Day Prompts

  1. Start a story with: “If I were the President, I would…”
  2. Who is your favorite President, and why?
  3. Pick a president and learn three new things about him to share.
  4. Is there someone you think would make a good President, and explain why?
  5. Write a story about the President’s day off. 
  6. What do you think the President does on a Saturday night?
  7. Write a story about George Washington traveling to the future.
  8. Write a story about Abraham Lincoln’s top hat.
  9. Do you think being President is hard? What is the most challenging part?
  10. Write a story as if you were a presidential pet. 
  11. What would it be like to be the President’s kid? Write what you think.
  12. Write a story about what the President does at Camp David.
  13. What do you think about the story of Washington and the cherry tree and why?
  14. Describe why celebrating President’s Day is important
  15. Describe what you believe the President’s main job is.
  16. If you lived in the White House, what would you do first?
  17. Pick three qualities you think a President should have. Then, describe why these are important.
  18. How does the President represent the United States to other countries, and why is this important?
  19. If you could meet any President, dead or alive, who would you pick? Why?
  20. Why is voting for the President important?
  21. Do you disagree with anything the President does? Why?
  22. Write a letter to the President. You can write about anything or ask any questions.
  23. Write a story about what it would be like to switch bodies with the President for a day.
  24. If you were President, what Executive Order would you pass and why?
  25. Why do you think Abe Lincoln is remembered as one of our greatest presidents?
  26. Who would you add to Mount Rushmore, and why?
  27. Write a paragraph that teaches someone something important about a president of your choice.
  28. If the President had to wear a uniform at work, what do you think it would be?
  29. If you were President, describe something you would do to be different from any other President.
  30. Who makes sure the President does a good job and why?
  31. Do you think that being First Lady is hard? Why?
  32. Write a story about a future President.
  33. What does the President do when his term ends?

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