41 Holiday Opinion Writing Prompts

Holidays are a special time of year everyone looks forward to. We all love them for different reasons though.

Whether or not students agree, having them share their opinions about holiday-related things helps them connect to memories and create traditions they will cherish for a lifetime. Share a holiday opinion and help students grow.

How to Use Prompts

These are some fun prompts, but they also need students to share their opinions.

Help them by choosing randomly, or maybe they have a strong opinion about one over another, so let them pick.

Everyone can be a winner as there are no hard questions, though they require you to think.

The Prompts

  1. Are there other things to love about this time of year besides holidays? What are they? Why?
  2. What type of tree is better? Do you like real or artificial, and why?
  3. Why do you think the holidays are cheerful for some and depressing for others? How could this be helped?
  4. Do you think gift-giving is a good or a bad tradition and why?
  5. What part of the holidays could you do without? 
  6. Is there something you look forward to the most about the holiday season and why? 
  7. Describe your favorite holiday tradition and how it is special to you.
  8. What holiday is the most interesting to you outside of your own? Explain why.
  9. Do you believe that holidays are actually for something sacred to be celebrated? 
  10. Are the holidays also the best season of the year for you? Explain.
  11. Would the holidays be just as special if you made up a holiday that incorporated all the best traditions you like to celebrate?
  12. What do you think is the most meaningful part of the holidays?
  13. Besides the main holiday you celebrate, which holiday do you think seems the most interesting?
  14. Do you think that holidays are better when you are a kid or when you are an adult?
  15. What do you think Santa’s elves would do if they didn’t make toys?
  16. What is your favorite holiday movie? Pick your favorite scene and describe why.
  17. What is the best type of holiday cookie, and why?
  18. Do you like presents the best during the holidays? If not, what is your favorite?
  19. Why do you think some people are a little like the Grinch during the holidays?
  20. Do you have any holiday foods that you have waited all year for? Why are they so delicious?
  21. Do you have any bad memories of the holidays? Why?
  22. What would you do if you could visit the North Pole?
  23. Who is your favorite holiday character, and why?
  24. Pick a holiday tradition that your family doesn’t do, then describe why others might choose this tradition.
  25. What would be the perfect gift? Argue why it was if someone disagrees with you.
  26. Create a new character for a holiday and argue why you think they should replace another traditional character.
  27. What does having holiday cheer mean to you?
  28. Would you rather be a reindeer or a snowman? Why?
  29. Which part of the holidays makes you wish they were over? Is there any way to change that?
  30. Which way do you think Santa flies around the globe? Why?
  31. On the first day back to school over winter break, what will you tell your friends first? Why is that important?
  32. Do you think it is right that schools have generic holiday parties, or should Christmas parties be allowed?
  33. If you could only spend your holiday with one person, who would it be and why?
  34. During the holidays, do you give to the less fortunate? Why is this important?
  35. Is there something that the holidays aren’t right without, and why?
  36. What can you give back to those around you this holiday?
  37. Would you want to have Santa’s job? 
  38. What holiday TV special is the one your family watches every year?
  39. Do you like holiday decorations? Explain your position.
  40. What are your favorite holiday flowers?
  41. What does it take to create an actual winter wonderland? Are there items that you cannot have a wonderland without?

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