41 Mythology Writing Prompts

Mythology has been around quite literally since the dawn of time – to tell stories, to teach valuable lessons, or to explain the otherwise unexplainable.

Although the mythology belonging to each culture is a little different, there are also many similarities for students to explore and ultimately learn from. Some of the lessons are just as relevant today as they were many centuries ago.

As children learn about mythology and how it differs from culture to culture, it’s important for them to explore these themes and think critically about what they mean.

About These Prompts

These writing prompts are designed to help young writers think critically – and possibly do some deeper research – about mythology. If you need some ideas on how to use these prompts in the classroom, try starting with these:

  • Challenge children to use one prompt every day for a week.
  • Have children count the number of letters in their full name. Use that number to pick their prompt.
  • Assign prompts to students in alphabetical order by first name.

Let’s Get Mythical

  1. Write a story featuring your favorite mythical monster, from any culture.
  2. Rewrite a Norse myth but set it in modern times.
  3. Medusa is having a bad hair day. Write about what happens while she goes about her day.
  4. You get to invite one god or goddess to dinner. Who do you choose? Why?
  5. Write a story about something silly coming out of Pandora’s box.
  6. Write a story featuring your favorite figure from Norse mythology.
  7. Tuesday is named after Tiw, the Anglo-Saxon god of war. Write a modern story that takes place on a Tuesday.
  8. What is your favorite cartoon, book, or video game based on mythology? Why?
  9. Write your own myth about why the tides change.
  10. If you could be a constellation, which one would you be? Why?
  11. Write a story about a child who wants to take home Baby Cerberus as a pet.
  12. If you had the Midas Touch, what would you turn everything into? Why?
  13. What is your favorite story from mythology? Why?
  14. Write a story about a mermaid who wants a pair of roller skates.
  15. Rewrite a Roman myth but set it in modern times.
  16. Create a mythical background for something ordinary in your town.
  17. Pick a planet named after a Roman god and write 2-3 paragraphs about it.
  18. Write a story about a mermaid who is a marine biologist.
  19. Tell a story where a damsel in distress saves herself.
  20. Do you think Robin Hood was doing the right thing? Explain.
  21. What would it be if you were like Achilles and only had one weakness? How would you protect yourself?
  22. Write a story featuring your favorite Greek hero.
  23. Rewrite a medieval myth but set it in modern times.
  24. Write your own myth about how rainbows are formed.
  25. Compare and contrast two types of mythology.
  26. Write a story about a dragon with a cold.
  27. Explain the difference between mythology and folklore.
  28. Research one of the titans of Greek mythology and write a summary of their background.
  29. Which culture’s mythology do you like best? Why?
  30. Pick a constellation and write about the myth behind it.
  31. Rewrite a Greek myth but set it in modern times.
  32. What is your favorite medieval myth? Why?
  33. Write your own myth about why there are stars.
  34. Pick your favorite creature from medieval mythology and write a short story featuring it.
  35. Explain the cultural importance of myths.
  36. There are over a dozen types of mythology throughout history. Which is your favorite? Why?
  37. Compare and contrast Thor (the Norse god of thunder), Raijin (the Japanese god of thunder), and Zeus (the Greek god of thunder).
  38. Write your own myth of creation.
  39. Rewrite a Native American myth but set it in modern times.
  40. How is mythology used in your family’s culture?
  41. What is your favorite Aztec myth? Why?

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