41 Fiction Writing Prompts for Middle School

Getting middle schoolers to write creatively can often be a struggle.

These fiction writing prompts are aimed at 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to be creative and use words to paint a picture of their own creation.

Fiction doesn’t just have to be a whole new story either, it could be an alternate history or an exploration of a what if. These prompts encourage students to explore all the ways that fiction writing can be used.

How to use these:

These prompts are all great for the pull one-out-of-a-hat method of prompt assignment. It could be fun to try a couple of games, or use a deck of cards and match the prompts to the cards pulled. Anything fun is a great way to start.

Here are the prompts:

  1. Write about a magical place with a secret entrance.
  2. Write a story that involves dragons in some way.
  3. Create an alternate ending to your favorite movie.
  4. Create a new setting for your favorite story to take place in.
  5. What if genies were real and you could have three wishes if you found one?
  6. How would the world be a different place if everyone had a dog?
  7. What would happen if you changed the ending of a movie? What would you decide to change and how?
  8. Write a story about a family on a spaceship.
  9. What would happen on a beach vacation with no beach?
  10. Write a mystery story in the style of Sherlock Holmes.
  11. Write a story about growing up somewhere desolate or abandoned.
  12. Pick a random location in the universe and create a civilization that lives there.
  13. Write a story of a magical journey of some sort. Plane, train, automobile, or some other way to travel. Be creative and original.
  14. Write a story about a rooster that breathes fire instead of crowing.
  15. Create an alternate universe where all the people are the opposites of themselves.
  16. Write a story about a sleepy town with a big secret.
  17. Write about a safari vacation gone wrong in a hilarious way.
  18. Write a story about a boat trip.
  19. Write a story about someone who has a secret.
  20. Write a story about a spy who is bad at his job.
  21. Write a story about a robot who has a few unexpected skills and quirks.
  22. Write about a girl with a tiger as her pet. 
  23. Create a new civilization in an unknown area on Earth. Explain the similarities and differences between their society and yours.
  24. Explain how an elephant could follow you home in a story about a trip to the zoo that ends up with a whole lot of baggage.
  25.  Write a story about a magical jacket passed down through a family. What are its magical properties?
  26. Write about finding a buried pirate treasure.
  27. What would happen if people could fly the way that birds do? Write about it.
  28. How do you feel the world would be different if World War II had never taken place? Describe your vision.
  29. Write about a family that moves frequently.
  30. Write a story that involves a banana, a bowling ball, and a Christmas tree.
  31. Write a story that explains something we already know about in a new and interesting way.
  32. Write a story that involves a ballerina taking on a new career.
  33. Create a story about a garbage man who dreams of being something different, only to discover his love of the garbage man’s life.
  34. Describe an alternate ending for a favorite book or a book that you have read as a class.
  35. Create a parallel universe where things are almost the same as ours, except for a few key differences.
  36. Write the next Lego movie about some well-known story or myth, except in Lego.
  37. Describe the day after Justin Bieber was elected President.
  38. Write a story about dogs that can talk to their owners.
  39. Write a story about Spiderman as if he had been bitten by a hamster instead of a spider.
  40. Write a story about the future.
  41. Write a story about the first human encounter with an alien life form.  

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