45 Persuasive Writing Prompts for Elementary Students

The ability to write persuasively can come in handy in all sorts of situations, academic or not. Even elementary school students can use this skill in story writing and school projects.

There is always a need to be able to argue your point of view, so these prompts for persuasive writing are intended to assist younger students as they develop their persuasive writing skills.

How to Use Prompts

You can use the tried and true method of pulling numbers out of a hat and assigning the prompt that correlates with said number.

You may also want to get more creative with the prompts and have students practice persuasion and explain why they should get the prompt they want. 

Prompts to Persuade You

  1. Convince your parents to let you have an exotic pet. 
  2. Explain why school shouldn’t make students follow a dress code. 
  3. Explain to your teacher why you shouldn’t be forced to do any more homework.
  4. Argue about the benefits of longer lunch periods and a shorter school day. Or perhaps a later start to the school day.  
  5. Why should cellphone use be allowed in school?
  6. Why should your parents give you a raise in your allowance?
  7. Should smoking be made illegal? Would this apply everywhere and would there be consequence if you were caught in the act?
  8. Which sport is the best and why? Can you give examples? Or pros and cons of your argument?
  9. Where do you want to go on vacation this summer? Convince your family why your idea is the right one.
  10. Convince a sibling to do your chores. See how long you can get them to keep it up/
  11. Explain why you should get a later bedtime.
  12. Convince your parents to redecorate your room. Or why you should be allowed to paint whatever you want on the walls of your bedroom.
  13. Why should you be allowed to watch more television?
  14. Persuade someone to do you a favor of some sort.
  15. Convince your parents to go to your favorite restaurant for dinner.
  16. Persuade a friend to try something new with you.
  17. Convince your teacher to have an “all recess day”
  18. Debate whether you should be on a four-day a week school week.
  19. Are you good at persuasion? Convince me.
  20. What makes persuasion a useful skill? Make me believe your argument.
  21. What does it mean to be persuasive?
  22. What does a good argument enable you to do?
  23. How can you persuade a person without taking advantage of them?
  24. Does being persuasive have any downsides to it?
  25. Can you convince your teacher to let you have a class party?
  26.  What is the one thing you would want to convince your parents to buy you?
  27. What are the strategies you use for persuasion?
  28. Persuade someone to give $100 in your name to a charity.
  29. Debate whether a monkey is a good pet or not?
  30. Be an only child or have siblings…which is better?
  31. Convince a sibling to play the game you want.
  32. What is the best superpower to have?
  33. How can you convince someone to take your side in an argument?
  34. Which season is the best?
  35. Can you explain to your classmates why you would be the best person for class president?
  36. Do you know anyone you can’t persuade of something? What makes it difficult? Do have a plan you think would work to convince them of your opinion?
  37. Why should school lunch always be pizza? Convince your audience with facts about pizza.
  38. What is the importance of honesty?
  39. Do you believe reality television is true reality? Why or why not?
  40. Why should people believe you? Argue your credibility.
  41. Persuade your teacher to let your class have show and tell.
  42. Why should there be dessert every night?
  43. What are the benefits of exercise? Should everyone do it?
  44. Convince the class about the existence of a mythical animal, like a unicorn or a fairy.
  45. Convince your parents why you shouldn’t have to share with your sibling.

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