55 Opinion Writing Prompts For 5th Graders

I believe that libraries should be open twenty-four hours a day. Keeping libraries open would give people who work odd hours the opportunity to use the services offered. It also gives unhoused individuals somewhere to go when the weather is bad at night. In addition…

Learning to form an opinion and supporting it is an important part of your education.

It makes you a stronger writer and it teaches you how to properly research things that are important to you.

Check out our list of prompts below, and get ready to write!

Using This Guide

There is no right or wrong way to use this guide. As long as you’re practicing the skills you’ve learned in school, you’re already on the right track. But if you need some ideas to help you get started, try one of these ideas:

  • Scroll through the list and pick the first prompt that jumps out at you.
  • Add today’s month and date, and use that number.
  • Ask your teacher which topic they think you would be most interested in.

Pick a Prompt and Go!

  1. Which subject is the most important for students to learn? Why?
  2. Is it better to take risks or to be careful?
  3. Do you think sports should be segregated by gender? Why or why not?
  4. Is it important for kids to know about current events?
  5. Do you think school lunches should be healthier?
  6. Should students be allowed at parent-teacher conferences?
  7. Do you think students should be required to learn cursive? Why or why not?
  8. Should students be allowed to choose their teacher?
  9. Why do you think your favorite professional sports is team the best?
  10. Should Black history be taught more than just one month out of the year?
  11. Do you think 5th graders need cell phones?
  12. Would you rather wear a uniform to school, or casual clothes? Why?
  13. Should students have several short breaks throughout the day, or one long break?
  14. Are cell phones the biggest distraction in class? If not, what is?
  15. Do you think homework should be mandatory?
  16. Write a persuasive essay to your principal asking for a later start time.
  17. Would it be better to start and end school one hour earlier, or one hour later?
  18. Should students be required to read classic literature?
  19. Which type of pet is the best?
  20. Should students be allowed to pick where they sit in class?
  21. Should schools grade on a pass/fail basis or keep the A-F scale?
  22. Would you rather be the very best at one thing, or “just okay” at a bunch of things?
  23. You just caught your best friend cheating on a test. Do you tell the teacher? Why or why not?
  24. Should competitive gaming be considered a sport?
  25. Should students be paid for going to school? If so, what should they be paid for, and how much?
  26. Should schools teach more LGBT+ history?
  27. Do schools do enough to prevent bullying?
  28. What is the best video game ever made? Why?
  29. Should kids get to choose their own bedtime?
  30. In your opinion, is virtual school more or less beneficial than in-person learning?
  31. Is it important to try new things?
  32. Should students be required to take PE?
  33. Are mental health days important for students?
  34. Does your city do enough to help the environment?
  35. Do you prefer sweet or salty treats?
  36. Would you rather be too hot or too cold?
  37. Do you think aliens are real?
  38. Should students be required to take an art or music class? Why?
  39. What is the best board game ever made? Why?
  40. Is it important for everyone to learn at least one foreign language?
  41. Is cold pizza a tasty breakfast?
  42. Who is the better hero: Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?
  43. Are 5th graders responsible enough to babysit?
  44. What is the best book ever, and why?
  45. Should etiquette be taught in schools?
  46. Is your city a good place to live?
  47. Should students be allowed to be more involved in school politics?
  48. Do grades really matter? Why or why not?
  49. What do you think is the hardest job in the world?
  50. Should kids be allowed more screen time?
  51. Are schools inclusive and accessible enough? What more could they do?
  52. Who is the best Marvel hero? Why?
  53. Should the voting age be lowered? If so, to what age?
  54. Is social media harmful to preteens and teens?
  55. Which season is the best? Why?

Looking For More?

If you’re looking for more prompts, activities, and homework resources, we’ve got you covered.

And if you’re looking for something specific but can’t find it, let us know! We’d love to hear from you.