31 Veterans Day Writing Prompts

It’s easy for children to skip thinking about Veterans Day. Preferring to run outside and play in the good weather, instead of thinking thoughtfully about what veterans have gone through to make that possible.

It’s just so easy to let your mind slip into the Veterans Day holiday as being a well-earned long weekend. We sometimes don’t take time to remember the sacrifice and service of others given to make the day possible. 

By using writing prompts to help students understand the importance of veterans, they will get a greater understanding and appreciation for what is being celebrated every Veterans Day – as well as getting some pretty thoughtful writing happening along the way of course. 

How to Use These Veterans Day Writing Prompts

These writing prompts on Veterans Day are designed to make children think more deeply about veterans, the United States military, and how much those things matter.

They’re designed to require open thought, which challenges students to think critically. You can either make these questions internally focused, for students to answer, or you can have students work on their answers, and then share with the class for an open discussion about the Veterans Day holiday. 

There are a few different approaches you can take with these prompts.

For one, you could have students write out multiple answers to prompts in a day and work on them as an in-class celebration of the holiday. In other cases, it may be better to choose to do one or two prompts a day over the course of a week. This way, the messages have time to sink in for your students. 

The Veterans Day Prompts

Here are the 31 writing prompts on Veterans Day:

  1. What does Veterans Day celebrate?
  2. Who are veterans?
  3. Do you know any veterans? Are there any in your family?
  4. Why are veterans important?
  5. What are some ways that we can honor veterans?
  6. Should the government and companies give extra benefits to veterans?
  7. Are veterans unique to the United States? Why or why not?
  8. What would happen if we stopped celebrating Veterans Day?
  9. Is Veterans Day more important for honoring veterans or as a day off from school? Why?
  10. What do you think veterans think of Veterans Day?
  11. How you ever been to a war memorial? How did it make you feel?
  12. Do you know any American wars? What kind of impact did they have on the country?
  13. Do you know what the USO is? Why is it important?
  14. How would you welcome a parent home from military service?
  15. Do you think veterans are generally proud of their service? What makes them proud?
  16. A military draft is when members of society are randomly chosen to join the military. Is this a good system? Why or why not?
  17. If you could design a monument to veterans, what would it look like?
  18. What would you include in a veterans’ museum?
  19. Why do people join the military?
  20. What does it mean to serve your country and community? Are there ways you can do so without joining the military? What are they?
  21. What are the branches of the military? How do they differ, and which sounds most interesting to you?
  22. Should we treat people differently, just because they’re a veteran? Why or why not?
  23. Is Veterans Day a necessary holiday? Why or why not?
  24. What are some symbols that make you feel patriotic? Why do they have an impact on you?
  25. Can you be a veteran without fighting in a war? If so, how?
  26. Have you ever watched the Army-Navy football game? If so, did it make you feel differently than a regular football game? Why do you think that is?
  27. How has war changed over the years? Is it better or worse now?
  28. What impact does the military have on your daily life?
  29. Do you know any famous military figures? What made them important?
  30. Why are there so many songs and movies about war?
  31. Is it a good thing to be romantic about war, or should we be more realistic? What would a veteran think?

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