43 Villain Writing Prompts

Villains can often be the best part of the story.

They are slightly off, yes, but they are also honest in their desires, even if we may not agree with them.

Villains can produce various ideas and creative writing prompts, as you will see here. 

Let your mind roam free and explore these creative prompts.

How to Use

These villain prompts could be randomly assigned in some way.

You could also use them as the prompt for a specific day of the week’s writing assignment.

Be creative. We want these to inspire and boost creativity, good luck!

Villainous Prompts

  1. Who is your favorite villain from a book?
  2. Do you envy a villain for any reason? Why?
  3. Describe the characteristics of your perfect villain. 
  4. Create a story where being a villain is the normal thing.
  5. What kind of villains would you and your family be? 
  6. Describe what makes the difference between a hero and a villain.
  7. Describe your favorite villain. 
  8. Write a story where a hero becomes a villain,
  9. Write a story where a villain becomes a hero.
  10. Write a story about a world without villains.
  11. Write a story when the villain has to save the day.
  12. What story needs a better villain? Why?
  13. Write a fairy tale about the “evil” villain.
  14. Create a world with no villains. 
  15. Create a new villain and the hero he fights.                                      
  16. Wrote a story about a hero who wants to be the villain.
  17. Create a villain’s to-do list.
  18. What does a villain buy at the grocery store? Write about their trip to shop.
  19. Create an alter ego for a villain, write their story.
  20. Write a story about a superhero and a villain who are best friends.
  21. What would happen if a villain turned ordinary people into henchmen? Describe what happens.
  22. Describe a villains favorite food.
  23. If you were writing a cookbook for villains, what would one recipe be? Describe it.
  24. Would you rather be a superhero or a villain and why?
  25. Imagine if the alter-egos of a superhero and a villain were best friends. How would that work?
  26. A superhero is fed up with the lack of recognition and decides to become a villain. Write the story about this.
  27. Write the story about a meeting of villains. What are they meeting about and why?
  28. Write the story of a retired villain who now has a family. What is life like?
  29. Put yourself in a villain’s shoes and write about your day through their eyes. 
  30. Imagine if a superhero and a villain decided to battle in a cooking match. Write the story.
  31. What daily tasks can a villain not do? Write about it.
  32. What do villains do on their time off? Explain.
  33. Write about a villain and a princess who end up in love.
  34. Write a story where the villain wins.
  35. Describe what motivates a villain.
  36. Create your villain alter ego.
  37. What would be your villain cover story and why? 
  38. Write a story about a villain getting recognized on the street.
  39. Write about the motivation for a villain. Be descriptive.
  40. Create a universe full of superheroes and then describe what a villain would feel like there.
  41. Do superheros ever want to be villains? Why?
  42. What is it like to be the wife of a villain?
  43. Describe the hobbies of a villain.

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